Is Schiit Fulla 4 enough for my DT880 250ohm


Is Schiit Fulla 4 enough for my Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm or would I need a Hel or Magni + Modi stack. I also appreciate any other recommendations. I’m probably also buying a DT770 80ohm sometime in the future.

I’m currently driving it only from a laptop. That alone isn’t great. It’s even way worse than my integrated audio on a desktop I switched from (that one was actually enough for me, but I haven’t heard the headphones with an AMP yet…)

Thanks for advice!

should be plenty for the 250ohm version. we can always recommend alternatives =)

but the fulla is plenty enough for both those headphones.

Will be more than happy to read some.

Also probably worth mentioning is that I live in the EU. Kinda different market here compared to the US.

jds labs, topping, ifi, smsl. all have entry stuff that is good around 200-250$US

along with the fulla/schiit stack.

do you know what kinda sound sig you like?

edit: and its perfectly ok if you don’t =) we will figure it out

Fulla seems solid for 135e. There’s also Fiio K5 Pro for 180, but idk if I want to invest more into the AMP/DAC than into the headphones themselves.

i would recommend the fulla over the k5pro anyways to be honest. k5pro isnt bad, but its amp is weak.

Well, I’m a beginner when it comes to higher quality audio. Probably neutral, but there’s always eq I guess.

Didn’t know that. Some guys on reddit were praising it for being much better. Thanks for clearing it up.

there are people who like the other side of the fence =) all good. the k5pro probably has the slightly better dac. but the fulla has the horsepower. the fulla also has the “schiit” house sound. a decent chunck dislike the schiit house sound.

Well, I’m mostly into EDM (That’s why I’m probably going to buy a 770). Also using the headphones for gaming and mutimedia consuption like YT etc.

i think you will be fine and happy with the fulla. price sounds right for you, and that should be primary concern. theres always better. but need and price should be primary concerns.

if getting a stack wont hurt your finances, id suggest it. if spending the extra will potentially hurt you at all, stick with the fulla. i dont think the k5pro is worth the extra money personally. its to close to the cost of a stack. and stacks are better.

edit: the fulla also has the benefit of have mic passthrough if you need it, which is very rare among hifi gear

edit2: which might not seem like much, but i use 3 filters so my mic doesnt pic up my audio and vice versa. would have a hum from them having different(or same ground, crap i am not a grounding expert lol) grounds that i had to filter out

Ok, thanks for the advice.

Also, what do you think of the Soudblaster X3? Guess it’s not that good, but asking anyway.

Yeah, that’s a pretty considerable +

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i havent used soundblaster in forever to be honest. that being said, based off of reviews, they are solid, just with underwhelming amps

edit: do you have somewhere you can buy and return the soundblaster? if so, try it out. if it gets loud enough for your tastes, then it will be good enough. the dac is as good as the fulla dac as far as that goes. it might even be better lol. im sure it has way more features.

Well. The only thing that is important to me is if it can drive the 880s well enough…

I think so. There are pretty good return policies here in the EU. Basically, you can buy anything and return it within up to 14 days without specifying a reason, unless it’s a hygienic product etc.

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Not with the Fulla tho. I’d have to order that from the EU Schiit store, not sold locally.

im betting it will drive them to 80’s-90’s db. i doubt it would drive them to concert levels. but im sure they will get loud. the biggest concern would be on music recorded to low DB’s. but i don’t think much edm has that concern. from my experience thats mostly older music.

Yeah, I think it has to be enough if I’m able to use the headphone without any external AMP at all… But I have no comparison. It’ll be probably the case of getting used to it and not being able to come back after I try it.

EDIT: I just don’t want to end up in a situation where I want to buy a better AMP/DAC in a year or so… Hence I’m here.