Is The 7hz Timeless a huge upgrade over the WF-1000XM3?

I own the wf1000xm3 Sony TWS for a long time now and I really enjoy it. I own a DT1990 Pro for desktop use and was thinking about upgrading my portable game, but I would only justify losing the convenience of TWS if I can get a substantial sound quality increase.

I listen to a lot of different genres, but mostly Jazz and Classic Rock.

I live in Brazil, so there are not a lot of other options around.

Thanks in advance.

Sony XBA-N3, is the upgrade to the XM3. (with some more bass.)

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watch review that Z just released on the Timeless and a couple other planar IEM’s. he really likes two of them with the third pair having a particular niche group with it’s sound profile.

Ended up pulling the trigger on the Timeless. Let’s see how it compares when it arrives…


Enjoy :smiley: but they do best given a bit of :zap:even if some folks say they’re easy to drive :thinking:

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I actually got the 7hz before the Sony. I like the Sony, but it’s got some issues I’m struggling to deal with, and they’re more nit-picking I have. The case on the Timeless really isn’t something that feels ment to actuality be used, but the case for the Sony is also a bit big. The fact that if you need to just use one side of the Sony, you’re forced to pick the left side, even if it’ll be more convenient to use the right is a big issue for me. No Apt-X at all, only SBC and AAC. I’ll let it slide that Sony didn’t put in their own LDAC because it came out until a month after. My gripe with the spacial audio filter is you have to be subscribed to one of 4 streaming services, thusly you’re buying something, only to pay a subscription just to use part of it. DSEE HX is trying to upscale lower quality files.
As for sound, I like both… I just like the Timeless more. It’s more my cup of tea for the most part.

Will do! I currently don’t own a good portable amp, I will test it with my desktop DX3 though. I’m planning on buying the qudelix 5k for portable use


Couldnt agree more. I just hope the Timeless is a good enough improvement over the Sony. I wont sell the Sony anyways. But I need to justify the purchase… Audio stuff in Brazil is expensive

BTW, Hlhow would you compare the comfort between the two? What kind of tips are you using for the Timeless?

I like the Timeless a bit more in comfort, but not in that the Timeless just barely squeaks out the win. I like the spiral dot and the AZLA crystal tips. I would almost suggest hanging onto the Sony until you have a chance to side by side and decide which you like better.

Sony wf1000xm3 owner here. These are by far my most used headphones purely for the convince factor. I even reach for these over over my variations or og andros plus btr5 combo. Do they sound as good as the variations or Andros? Not by a long shot.

My apologies, i actually have the Sony WH-1000XM3, although i still think this applies.

I suggest getting this instead of you want to stay TWS, it’s a steal at this price, I use mine with Azla Sednafit light tips @Poi400i

I’d be interested in your comparison once you get them. I figure the XM3’s are good enough to be a serviceable TWS for an audiophile, but not capable on a technical level against something like the timeless (which I also have on the way!). I am not sure I have enough experience with good audio equipment to sus out the minute differences, but I am still low key hoping to be blown away by them

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Sure! I will do a comparison here. Never done it before, but I think I can pull it off. Haha. The Timeless is supposed to arrive today. I will also compare to the Galaxy Buds 2 that my sister just bought.

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That’s exciting! Mine are still a week out… on top of an FD5 I impulse purchased in between the time of my last comment and this one. Looking forward to trying a couple comparisons of my own

Timeless will murder any tws on the market. Not just timeless, but any good iem on the market. You pay for convinience and anc. The sound itself is around 50-100 usd bracket.

Oh and I own xm4 and N400.

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That’s what I figured, and was frankly hoping since I have the XM3 and am not overly impressed with it outside of it just having a nice listenable tonality and not out of whack bass. But I was confused by some reviews placing it higher. Crinacle gives it a B (over my FD5 at C+ :confused:), and there was one reviewer placing it over their $500 Polaris IEM.

But I know Crinacle and hifi board reviews aren’t the end all be all. I’ll just have to hear them for myself. This step up to mid-fi is a bit of a moment of truth for me in this hobby

I would also pick xm4 over fd5 and it will be ranked higher than it on my list, most likely. Fd5 has tuning problems to my preferences.

Hmm. Would there still be a gap between them technicalities wise, tuning issues aside?

Yes, ofc. Wired IEMs around that price bracket will murder any TWS tech wise due to stage, imaging and detail. They are also being powered by an internal amplifier, that has to be bottlenecked by it’s small batery size. TWS are great at what they do, but for pure critical listening, they stand no chance against good wired IEMs.

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