Is the LG V30 or V35 still a compelling DAP for price?

Hey all, I use an ES100 and a LG V20 for mobile audio and it has not disappointed so far. I got the itch to look I into the 30 and 35 due to possible further sound improvements so just checking if anyone has any experience or knows of a better value on the market etc. Thanks for the help in advance! :smiley:

Last time I checked on the LG V series when I was trying to decide what to buy for use as a dap, I was mostly finding that the V20’s tuning by B&O was better than the implementation in future LGs. It also was nice knowing it had the ability to replace its battery, ran well, had LDAC capability… I just don’t really see a reason to get an LG V30 or higher. Personally, I’d look into some portable amp to pair with the LGV20, bluetooth or otherwise. Like the new BTR5 from fiio as an upgrade to the es100 possibly. I’m looking at getting a Xduoo xd-05 plus to pair with my LG V20, personally.


Ok cool, I appreciate that, I had assumed they upgraded the sonic characteristics with future implementations. I think I may shift gears into getting an amp. To round out what I use currently. I really like the ES100 and will stick with it for the customization in software along with its performance, but if something happens to it I will jump to the btr5 for sure.

The V50 has a 32 bit Quad DAC.

So does the LG V20 >_>. All of them do.

there all 32 bit?

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//20 char!!!

Found this:

Why Quad DAC?


Why is Quad DAC better than Single DAC you may ask? The initial instinct is to think “well, more is better” – it’s not always true, but in this case, it is, and here’s why: Each DAC will process the audio signal (source) and reduce noise, outputting an analog signal (outcome).

The output signal of each DAC is then added together to increase the source signal. As this is done in analog, the level of noise goes down relative to the overall audio signal. The Quad DAC of the LG V20 pushes SNR down to unprecedented levels for a smartphone.

That’s also why the Quad DAC volume control in the LG V20 is done in the analog space. If you control the volume in digital space, the amount of noise can rise because you are reducing the (good signal) while the noise remains constant (because induced by electronic components).

So why arent our external DAC’s Quad or more?

No idea, maybe M0N might have some insight into that. It’s not as good sounding as my d50+atom, but it is still pretty great sounding. My guess is that there are way better implentations out there for dacs, but this is currently the best one for phones. It even runs my aeolus decent with a lot of headroom to go up in volume.

It’s not really a quad dac, it’s more like a marketing term. Ya know AMD’s Bulldozer chips like their FX cpu? They would claim to have 8 cores, but in reality only have 4 physical cores, the whole quad dac thing is similar. The LG phones just have a good dac with good implementation, the whole quad dac think is just marketing

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I’m with zaphain, honestly I have the v30 and from what I hear too the dac dosent sound much better if at all with every generation. So if you upgrade it probably will be real minimal or no difference. Only if u need a new phone would I recommend upgrading

By moving to the v30 and above, you also miss out on the cool features of the v20 like the easily removable and swappable battery, 2ndary screen, ir blaster, fm tuner, and more (I think the battery one would be the best thing on there at this point imo, you can keep batteries charged with you and swap them out for an instant charge


True, alot of people haven’t bought one after the v20 because of how useful and convenient it is to have the swappable battery

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Agreed, thats why I haven’t upgraded, the phone basically checked all my boxes and continues to, but was just curious to make sure since prices on the newer models are cheap af atm from what I can tell.

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So the new phones are faster, but the v20 is still fairly quick

Oh yea, no complaints, I’m honestly gonna try to pick up a second one to have a fresh start as just a phone, and clean house and use my current one as just a music player. Having a spare is not a bad idea at this point since you can get crazy good replacement batteries for them super cheap. Also the v20 is like 120$ so yea not complaining about the cost either. :wink:

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I had a v20 and now have a v30+ and I honestly miss the v20 lol

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I love my V30 and have had it for two years. The V30 was the first, and last, V series phone to be sold in Canada. I have no urge to upgrade to anything until it breaks.

I was a Samsung whore for more than 10 years. Then I heard about the V10. And also about it bricking. Then the V20 was said to be even better, but still bricked. Then the V30 was brought to Canada and you didn’t hear about bricking much.

It is rarely my DAP, but works great when called upon.

I have the V20 but i lost it for a while and was looking at the new ones. they got a V60 coming and the audio features the new ones have sound interesting. Like DTS surround sound.

But when i bought my V20 it had he best processor around. I do everything with it including gaming and it handles everything no problem. Ive never had a problem with it till the battery started crapping out on me.

It would tell me its full then i would unplug it and it read 80%. It would die a lot faster than it used to. So i bought a new battery for it on Amazon for 20$ and its works like new again lol.

Its jacked that they make it so hard to change the battery on new phones. like they want you to buy a new one the bastards.

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