Is the Tin T3 worth compared to the T2?

I was wondering if the diference between the two is worth the price (found the T2 at 37€ and the T3 at 65€ both on aliexpress)

I bought the T2’s because there were more favorable reviews, mentions etc. and I didn’t think the higher cost would have been worth it to get the T3. So I added a nicer cable for the difference.

The t3 is a higher resolving iem at the cost of much more treble and more bass. Making it a more v shaped iem

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if you are treble sensitive I would be cautious around the t3 personally , lots of great IEMs out now vs wjen the t3 came out so I would look aroundfor options if you want a more colored IEM than the t2

Which ones would you recommend for 70€ or lower?

Depends… What do you listen to?

I usually listen to EDM, Big Room, House, Nightcore, Games and anime OSTs and openings

With those genres it might be worth giving the Blon 03’s a go :+1:

I’m now leaning more towards the Blon 03’s but i discovered that there exists the Blon 05’s and the KZ ZS10 Pro, are they better in any way?

05’s?..No by all accounts? lol I had the 03’s and for the $ they’re a great set :+1:

Sorry I’ve not heard the 10 pro’s so can’t comment on them :slightly_frowning_face:

Blon 05 isnt recommended for your music genres.

KZ ZSX/CCA C12 is the upgrade to the KZ ZS10PRO. And CCA just released their CCA CA16.

They are all side grades with different profile (although I love the blon 03 mesh mod version and I use it as much as my 300 usd iems)

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I just checked them out and im deciding between the KZ ZSX and the CCA CA16, leaning more towards CCA

Keep in mind that the CA16 is a much newer iem so not many people have it. Might be safer to get the ZSX if you like what people are saying about it in impressions/reviews.

But whichever you take, wait another week and get it on the mid-year sale at Aliexpress. You will save some money (with discounts directly or indirectly with coupons).

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Oh didn’t know about that mid year sale, thanks for letting me know! The KZ ZSX are at 39€ right now on aliexpress, will it drop even lower?

Most likely. But even if it doesnt you will be able to use coupons to reduce the price even more.

The CA16 probably wont be reduced since it is a brand new iem. But older stuff will (like 99% sure it will, how much reduction no one can know).

Alrighty, thank you!

no problem, good luck with your choice. And my own rec is the LZ A6 Mini. Should be very good for your genres, especially nightcore and OST (as they are mostly female vocals focused over male vocals).

The 10 pros are a bit much for those that are treble sensitive but are great if you can handle it. I would lean towards the zsx instead as the treble is Abit more tame.

Wait for an Ali Express sale we get one at least once every month and you can find some good deals through that

Oh wow i didn’t know those existed, if they get a good discount on aliexpress these might just be the ones i end up buying