Is there a perfect headphone?

a mid to high end option that follows the harman curve?

Is that what you define as perfect? Perhaps change the title a bit lol


^^^ This…

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I am beginning to think that I will never get my collection under four pairs, not counting my out and about cans…

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There is a perfect headphone for every head.


well…the harman curve is the benchmark for what people on the whole, find most pleasing…hence my reference.

however, if you think there are ‘perfect’ headphones that don’t follow the curve, do share and state why you think they’re perfect.

Is there though? You can get something that you have enough complaints, but is it perfect? Anyways I get what you are trying to say lol

I was just trying to note that I along with many do not know of a perfect headphone lol

I think that would depend on the user. If you only listen to one genre of music, there might be just one headphone that is perfect for you. I know a lot of old guys my age that ONLY listen to 60’s and 70’s rock. If you never venture into newer music, classical, blues, jazz, etc. maybe you just find one great headphone and one great amp. For that user he is done for life.

I would die of boredom, but different strokes…


I suppose the first setup that makes me cry and I would have to attribute to the entire chain at that point.


Good food, good drink and finding new music I love. It would be an unfulfilled life for me without one of the three.

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you are all so spoiled that you are incapable of recognizing a jacks of all trade level headphone now. LoL!


I have pretty much given up drinking, but love a great meal. And I HAVE to hunt for music every Friday/Saturday. Even if I don’t buy anything it is an interesting couple of hours. Someone recently posted a clip from a duo called Black Violins. I ended up listening to all three albums (in 90 second chunks). I liked some songs, but not enough to buy. It was fun exploring though. I will head into the office this afternoon and stay there for hours music hunting.

And job hunting too, but the pickings are slim this time of year.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing will ever be perfect…
But we can try, darn it… we can try.


I think we get too hung up on frequency response charts. It’s just a measurement of the volume at any given frequency, it doesn’t tell you anything about how well the headphone actually reproduces that frequency at a given volume (does the bass rumble or just fade out, is the treble crisp? All that audiophile BS exists for a reason).

A dynamic driver, a planar driver and an electrostat (and an IEM of its own flavours) can have the exact same frequency response but they’re going to sound different because they’re different materials with different shapes and sizes.


It’s what people on average find pleasing at a specific listening level, I think it’s 80dB’s.
And like everything on average means not perfect for most people.
He was aiming at a curve that most people would find good, not perfect.

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He was going for generally agreeably neutral, which does not mean perfect for most people, although I’m sure someone finds it the greatest thing since sliced bread lol

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I think a perfectly neutral headphone would also be perfectly boring : p


who said anything about perfectly neutral? :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect headphone?

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