Japanese iem brands

Hi, I am starting this thread so that we can find out if there are any good japanese iems that can rival Chi-fi both in price and in SQ.

Here are the brands that I know of.

Final Audio
Zero Audio

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Hyla is another one :+1: Oh and Zero Audio.

Where can you find Hyla? Cant find it in Amazon japan.

Looks like Zero Audio has a few budget iems (sub 100 usd). But they dont look that nice.

Seem out of stock at the mo :anguished: I think MON had a pair of Sarda’s?..

Oh damn they are pricey! I was thinking of more…budget friendly stuff say sub 300 usd.

Should have a pair of Final E4000’s being delivered Thursday it’ll be the first set of Japanese IEMs :+1:

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I got the entire E series, they are pretty different from the typical chi-fi tuning with peaky treble thats for sure. Hope you like the E4000 though, as I dont think they are worth the price.

There are a lot of old second hand iems at amazon japan that is priced quite good. Like my Sony XBA-A2 which I got for around 100 usd (second hand, condition “used- very good”).

Man, you have to try the ex800st sometime too. Like such a top performer…still 0 style tho lmao!!!

I do want to try them…but they dont send to sweden (amazon japan) :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Gotta grease some palms to get some, like I’m getting some aftermarket cables for them soon, an adapter or something lol. And it ain’t cheap so I’m dedicated to my Sony’s :smiley:

They are around 200 usd right? I would get it if I could lol.

Used around 200, or New closer to 250. Hope that helps.

How’s the fit?.. as they just look awkward to me lol

Where did you get yours from? Are there fakes out there?

Fit is great, they float and almost no contact with the ear. The hooks are wierd to get used to, but with the chin slider it helps them feel more secure. I use final audio tips since they are close to stock sony tips, but better sizing. And I ordered mine from Amazon, but they are sketchy in the white box, but not any fakes that I’m aware of. Some were concerned about fakes due to this, but that’s how they come.


I was just curious about them tbh, I have an absolute open mind when it comes to what to expect, they weren’t too expensive so nothing ventured nothing gained as they say :+1:

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At least you get the Final Type E tips. They are awesome!

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Can’t go wrong with Oriolus. Not as exclusive as their subsidiary Hyla. Check out the Oriolus Finschi Hifi Edition, which IMO is on the same playing field as the Ikko OH10, but with less peaky treble.