JAY's audio memes (and reviews/ranking too I guess)

That’s fair enough. Bicycling with earbuds…that I hadn’t considered lol

Not viable at all imo. Not only does it have zero isolation (risk of ramping up volume) but it is also likely that u need to readjust the fit very often.

Fuck it, bought one on Amazon - all this talk got me thinking of the CRAs again :joy:

haha they will 100% be blowing in the wind. Even if they could stay in the wind would make them barely audible. I use my air shokz for riding which don’t suffer as much from the wind

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you will probably get the new tuning, not the OG.

:smiling_face_with_tear: If that’s the case I’ll return them F

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Get Venus, instead :slight_smile:

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I would. Stealth revision was known months ago. First posts around January iirc.

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… guess I’m cancelling my order :upside_down_face:

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I dont often save wallets. :joy:


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Orchestra Lite Review:

Hey guys, so, the KIWI is back with another banger of a design, and here are my thoughts on them :sunglasses:

The overall sound is very smooth, neutral, and refreshing just like its shell. Now, does it sound like an 8 driver set? Eh, not really. The bass is your typical BA stuff - fast, clean, mid-bass over sub, and as expected it’s lacking that physicality, slam, and rumble from it’s younger brother, the Quartet - so, bassheads, your wallets are safe for now :eyes:

Separation is solid and competitive at its price. Honestly I expected more with 8BAs, but no mid bleed, no masking, just overall very safe, and welcoming sound. I feel like anyone can pick these up and say, “ya nothing’s wrong with these”. A very inoffensive low-end, and overall tuning if you well. Is it a bit vanilla? ya kind of, but I actually really dig the midrange - especially when you crank them up, that’s where they really shine imo.

The kiwi’s remind me of a mini EJ07 but only the vocals, and warmer (and without the staging, separation, and 3D goodness). Voices are forward leaning, clear, powerful, and very natural, and I would say is the main focus of the set. It’s not as airy and sparkly like the Blessing 3, but the kiwi is a lot better at scaling, and way more immersive. If we look at the graph of the EJ07, they’re actually very similar aside from the bass which is where the separation and clarity takes a hit on the kiwi:

But, dynamics are smooth and effortless just like the EJ07, and it never gets fatiguing or harsh, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, they might be one of the best vocals under $500 (still need to hear the Studio 4) - I was about to give up on these so I’m so glad I gave these another shot. They’re definitely a “specialty set”; ballads, indie, and acoustics all sound very natural and immersive on these. However, the downside is that not everyone listens at higher volumes, and it can get boring if you’re not careful. Tracks like GKMC, Juggernaut, and Polyphia lacks the energy and momentum from the rhythm section, and to put it bluntly, these lack the excitement at mid volume, so if you’re looking for a lively and engaging set, then these are not it.

Now, the treble isn’t blunted, but it’s not airy or energetic like the Blessing 3 or even the Olina, or any of the planars really. For example, you can get better extended treble on the PR2 even, but the treble isn’t bad or anything, just again, very safe. Cymbals sit more in the background, just like the EJ07, and although I can hear the cymbal splashes - they’re not as clear or high res as some of the other sets at its price. Tech wise, you do miss out on the small details, and the notes aren’t as sharp or resolving - it kinda reminds of the Hexa, but with better dynamics and scaling. Now, do I think they’re worth $250? Probably not for most people… BUT they do have killer vocals, especially on ballads, so if that’s your thing, then ya, go for it (unless you wanna save up for the RSV or EJ07). But I do have the Performer 8 and some other stuff coming in, so stay tuned for that comparison.

Thanks for reading :notes:


Thank you for the review, Jay!

I was not blown away by the OL personally, but I can respect why some would really love them. They’re on the safer side of the tuning spectrum like you said. I didn’t feel any special sauce oozing from it’s nozzle openings like some other sets but if you’re looking for a good all-arounder, this might be one of the better choices at the price point that’s for sure!


Thanks for reading Dom :handshake: And ya like you said I wouldn’t say they have any special sauce like the DM or Oracles when it comes to vocals, but they’re a set that specializes in that area, if that makes sense :sunglasses: Safe all-rounder nevertheless.


Ok so PR2 with 300 mesh makes every other planar obsolete, except P1 Max of course :wink:

Scales very well with volume now, although this thing is hard to drive asf - I’m at 100% volume high gain on the BTR7 rn :joy:




To be fair I was at around 80-85dbs, but it also depends on the volume mastering of the song as well :sunglasses:


Are those… Serial mids?

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Less warm/bass - pretty sure this isn’t going to replace your serial :wink:


Oh for sure for sure, just the blue line in your graph had the same “steady rise to a drop just before/around 5k”

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