Jaytiss Reviews and Ranking

2k to 2.7k is almost a 10db rise… Ouch :grin:

people say F1 pro is sibilant?

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The deets says titanium coated on graphene driver.
The QKZxHBB also had some kind of titanium coated driver.
I’d agree with some that said about its lower resolution (tuning was designed as such to be smooth) - but nonetheless, I thought the driver was actually really nice in that set when I A/B’d against bl-03, Mele. A step up to me.

The BA in the sound tube gives me cause for concern but the dip around 5-6k may mitigate that issue.
Anyway, what do I know, I’m sucker for marketing and listening impressions are gold standard. NiceHCK have some interesting offerings at the right price atm. :+1:

I appreciate the use of snippets from tracks to get the point across. It’s the most efficient way to help me understand what you mean and its always comes down to music library playback and your personal enjoyment of it.


Agree with prashv, I enjoy the little sound clips, makes it easy to understand what type of sound you’re referring to. Very good review!
To my surprise I’ve been reaching for the Rhapsody more than I thought I would when I first got it. The Tang Sancai tips removed a lot of the boominess.
How does DB2 compare with Rhapsody, in case you heard both?


I’ve heard both. The Rhapsody was better than I gave it credit on my list and a nice listen. If you have it you don’t need the db2. I see the db2 as a cute well well-packaged set, but is redundant if you have a fun bassy set like the rhapsody.

Thanks for the nice words. <3

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Great, saved some $$$ :smile:

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Headphone ranking list. Not that deep, but still kinda fun.

OHH, and a new video!


Love the title of that vid. As an owner of a JDS Labs Atom+ stack, it truly is all you need if you want a solid-state amp. The Atom 2 looks even better, especially now with more power and balanced input.


Happy to see the Maxwell just below the HE-1, love mine with Defean pads, was able to listen to the HE-1 at CanJam SoCal last year, I think I will stick with my Maxwell’s for $330 :rofl:


A newbie guide. I hope people enjoy.


perhaps overkill but why not, Gustard H16 with Dunu Falcon Ultra


Like mama bears Porridge…just right!

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Ohh boy! Hi Jaytiss. Hope this DM finds you well. New products are coming~ We will launch a new earphone with 1DD+2BA in the first half of this year! As updates become available, we’ll share them with you in advance. Your interest and support in spreading the word are greatly appreciated! ( This is From Aful! )


Bass is incredible, mind-altering, and amazing.
Build quality is fantastic.
Mids are fantastic
Shell and cable 2-pin connector is best in class.

Price is prohibitive
Different modules to tune annoy me in any form.
2-4k region isn’t to my liking.

I wanted to thank Mark from Supereviews a fellow Californian Audiophile who lent me this iem. This is just a fan review.

This is just a short written review as a fan and not meant to be a crazy long review. The Volur is almost 4 months old and is almost ancient in terms of hype! As this is 64 Audio’s most recent release it is still a remarkable set and deserves a review.

Song Choice: Tidal list here:

I listen to a wide variety of music. I pick the songs because of various reasons. But I picture myself locked away like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank blasting music and shut off from the world. It’s a blissful image.

The Marriage of Figaro -The opera song from Shawshank Redemption, terrible recording but fun and gets me in the mood to listen to music.

O mio Babino caro -This is a modern less operatic version but a song with great female vocals.

Video Rigoletto - “La donna e mobile” Sung by one of the three Tenors, great song for high-performing male vocals. Pavarotti is the greatest classic singer maybe ever. Fight me!

Iron man - The sound at the beginning is hard to make sound great, great drums, and cymbals, and if done right it feels like an old-school band.

I Will Survive (1981 recording, I like her voice, and the old vocals, the drums, and various natural instruments really make this a favorite for me.

There is a light That never goes out - Smiths ( A classic, I just love it. It’s mellow, and I can tell a lot of the tuning if this song is done right.)

Jump (I like how the sound effects are in this!)

Star Child Someone recommended this song to me, and I like how funky it sounds and has nice vocals and a mix of music and things going on.

Dicke Titten Ramstein The beginning is amazing and the bass hits hard. Great song. I love rock and metal. The German language fascinates me

Master of Puppets: Very fast song. Helps me determine if the driver can keep up.

Bass (20-60 Sub Bass, 60-250 Hz Mid Bass)

The details of the bass is strong and everything sounds right on it. The bass seems well-controlled and fun. Everything on this iem sound great with a hint of warmth. It sounds like strong speakers and has a natural timber and is fantastic.

Midrange (250 HZ to 800 HZ Low Mids, 600-200 Hz Mids, 2000-5000Hz Upper Mids)

The timber and tone is great on this iem, people have described it as near perfect or class leading and they aren’t joking. It is basically perfect for what I want out of an iem. It has nothing that will often plague other iems. No weird plastic feeling, voices sound right with no plastic feeling. Rich note weight and everything is just a nice strong sound.

I don’t find it shouty at all but fun, smoothe and enjoyable. Podcasts and voices all sound great on it, and it has a good feel to it. Overall this iem is fresh, non fatiguing and just an easy clear listen. Vocals sound detailed and lifelike.

Treble (5000- 10000 Trebble/Highs, 10000 ++ HZ Upper Trebble & Air)

The treble is a good part of this set and this iem has great detail and sparkle for me. Yet the 2-4 region is a little flat and I enjoy a little more 3k energy. No major issues here, just a minor nitpick. All the music that I listen to sounds great and I feel that it has a wide beautiful soundstage.


Gaming is amazing on this em. Do I think you should buy this iem to improve your gaming experience? No, but this is perfect. Great shell, Super comfortable, and never has sibilance. It has a beautiful open and clean sound. The stage isn’t too wide, but just right. Detail retrieval during fights is immaculate, and the imaging vertically and horizontally is fantastic. It has great imaging. The iem is light and feels durable with this .fantastically textured cable. It’s truly a treasure to have for long gaming sessions as the details of the game sparkle.

Shell -

The shell is metalic and beautiful. It’s easy to cable swap.


Having got to listen to a lot of iems over the last few years I will recommend this as a strong piece to anyone’s collection that can afford the cost. It is a truely remarkable iem for the cost and just a beauty to listen to. It does things for me that other iems don’t and is one of my favorite iems that I’ve heard.


Sound - Final Impressions

While this iem is very good, and almost perfect is seems that there could be some room for some slight improvement here. The 2-4k region is one area that I have an issue with. The details and imaging are very nice on this iem, but I don’t think it’s absolutly perfect and that at time certain tracks aren’t as good as I wish. But overall the really only downfall or huge fault I have that might prevent me form owning this is the price and the price alone.

Recommended EQ: I use Peace APO to EQ on the PC. This EQ is done to my preference. I recently set up a preference curve on My Squig. So for at least iems, I can use my own graphs now. Please feel free to use the measurements as you want… Jaytiss.squig.link

Overall this is an amazing iem that could easily be a game for most. The goal for me with an iem is to have an that doesn’t need EQ.

Preamp: -10.8 dB

Filter 1: ON PK Fc 24 Hz Gain 0.6 dB Q 1.400

Filter 2: ON PK Fc 72 Hz Gain 1.9 dB Q 0.500

Filter 3: ON PK Fc 180 Hz Gain 0.5 dB Q 2.000

Filter 4: ON PK Fc 300 Hz Gain -1.6 dB Q 1.200

Filter 5: ON PK Fc 1600 Hz Gain -1.1 dB Q 0.900

Filter 6: ON PK Fc 3300 Hz Gain 4.8 dB Q 1.700

Filter 7: ON PK Fc 3600 Hz Gain 0.6 dB Q 2.000

Filter 8: ON PK Fc 6100 Hz Gain -2.4 dB Q 1.400

Filter 9: ON PK Fc 7600 Hz Gain -2.4 dB Q 2.000

Filter 10: ON PK Fc 10000 Hz Gain 12.0 dB Q 2.000

Does the Volur need eq. No but this is a fun profile for it.

Gifting/who is it for: I think this is a nice hifi iem to gift to someone, but it is very expensive. I’d almost recommend a cheaper iem. Even the u4s might be the better pick. This isn’t for pure bassheads, but those who enjoy good tight beautiful bass and an energetic iem that is true end game. Dont’ get me wrong, it’s expensive but if you compare it to the 8000 dollar iems from um it is a beautiful yet semi affordable iem.

Pairing: I used a Quidelix 5k for mobile, my dongle Dac iBasso DC04 for my laptop, and my JDS labs Element III MK2 Boosted for my Desktop PC. I also tried the iem briefly on the Apple dongle as well. This iem had no issues being driven. Typically I only find overears to really have a hard time being driven and maybe some planar iems. (I personally am not a huge mmcx or planar fan.)


This is a fantastic set, that compliments or exceeds many sets that I have ever heard. I full enjoy this set and recommend it.

Thanks for reading, and maybe even watching. Any feedback is welcome.


Ok mini-review written review of the Sony Pulse Elite

The sound isn’t great, think overall a A- or so. Or 7/10 if the Maxwell was a 9/10.

Fit is terrible, pads aren’t replaceable, at least it is light.

It fails to capture lightning in the bottle. And it is close to a good gaming headset rather than the Audeze Maxwell. While I might recommend it for gamers who use the Playstation, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone else. Not for music from the phone or computer.

I had issues with Bluetooth connection, often losing it and thought the controls were a bit clunky. If you want an overear, I’d recommend looking for a used Maxwell instead or something else.

*** 3 stars

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I’m glad Chopin is serving you well :pray:


You know anything about that 2 BA + 1 DD Aful iem? Aful x Gizaudio maybe? I just heard about it last night.

Ohh boy! Hi Jaytiss. Hope this DM finds you well. New products are coming~ We will launch a new earphone with 1DD+2BA in the first half of this year! As updates become available, we’ll share them with you in advance. Your interest and support in spreading the word are greatly appreciated! ( This is From Aful! )

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Its truly fantastic isn’t it.

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I have no idea. I don’t keep up with news much. I just review whatever arrives lol


I tried the same set, totally agree about the bass. Shame it’s so expensive


New contender coming from Canadian Plunge Audio will give the Volür a run for 1/3 price with better treble I think.