JBL enters gaming headset arena


just noticed this line, think they just launched it.

ah boo. cheap garbage. I was hoping for a flagship to represent the brand. :frowning:

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Interesting, looks really gamer-esque lol, prob going to be at least decent I hope, those are some really high prices tho

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the sound is pretty good on em from the couple reviews i could find. apparently the sound is better then the “gamer” function on them. alas they look very gamery, and not high class lol. the flagship model supposedly has very good musical qualities and ok gaming properties. the head tracking software they use is sub par to others according to initial reviews. only the flagship has the head tracking though.

the 800 is wireless and bluetooth, i might have to check it out lol. could be a versatile portable headphone. it also has ANC built in.

interesting they are doing head trackinhg like the audeze gear

i am with ya, i know jbl is part of some super audio conglomerate, but i still keep hoping they come out with decent headphones one day under the JBL tag

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also with one of the richest esports orgs backing them this is gonna sell especially with 100 thieves https://ca.jbl.com/quantum.html

I just posted some feedback on the JBL website for the JBL Quantum One. I will leave them here as well if anyone is interested:

Review for JBL Quantum One

I will start off with comfort. It has some plushy earcups, that I believe are a memory foam, the headband also includes this material. The clamping force is slight, but I don’t find it to be terrible. My ears do not touch the driver which is good. They have room which gives it some sound stage when listening in stereo mode.

Ok so there are 3 modes in which to listen to this headset. There is QuantumSHPERE 360, DTS X2.0 and then just off, which is stereo mode.

The QuantumSPHERE 360 is pretty impressive when it comes to giving that large room like feel. I would say this is similar to what Creative is doing with it’s XFI products. The sound can maybe be a little too thin and spacey at times depending on the game you are playing. But the accuracy of the sound is pretty spot on. This also includes head tracking which is cool, but I don’t play on a large widescreen monitor so not sure how much benefit this really is.

DTS X2.0 is good.
It is a step down compared to the QuantumSHPERE 360. This sound at times to me anyways can sound like you are underwater and can make the sound a bit muddy

Stereo sound is clear and crisp and what is strange is it can sound intimate and yet also have a bit of sound stage at times? The bass is solid but not super bassy, but it is there. This highs are kinda in your face intimate, which for a gaming headset is good for FPS shooters. This can be represented when listening to music with any vocals. Imaging is solid and should be for a gaming headset.

So the microphone sounds just ok IMO. It can sound a bit thin but it does the job.

Noise cancelling:
So this is a pretty nice feature, it works but don’t expect to work like one of the high-end Sony BT headphones. (Although in my headset I can hear a bit of a whining sound when it is turned on.)

The wire, it is stiff and will have kinks. It includes a game/chat control which is nice but it is so light that you will end up dragging it off your desk.

Calibration software does not work at the time of this review. Guessing that will get fixed in the near future with an update.

Last thing, I did have some trouble updating the firmware for this device. I removed two software apps and not sure which one was the issue. They were THX Synapse and RTX Voice. This might be some useful information for anyone else who might run into this issue.

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Good write up!

Seeing this made me chuckle… Guess I may have to try it myself but really… $300 and head tracking? JBL over here trying to compete in the market with steel series and hyperx orbit. Considering how good of sound those two can put out in the gaming line… got my doubts this is better. Since I like JBL I think I will test run these myself especially since I have an extremely large knowledge of the gaming headset line this piqued my interest… if its better than the top two I could recommend this to a hell of a lot of people. From my experience JBL speakers are pretty nice

So I do also own the Audeze Morbius headset as well. I would say the spatial sound is better on the JBL Quantum but I would still say that the Audeze Morbius is better sounding imo.

I really wish these companies would get with the program already… Open back headphones are better in competitive gaming hands down. They do give an edge regardless of people claim yet there isn’t a lot of open back gamer headsets that are “good” I ordered the JBL just to test for myself. Mobius comes with 100mm planar magnetics and is the same as orbit… I think it would be pretty impressive it the headphone did manage to beat them in sound lol at the very least I would hope it can stand up to the arctis pro hoooowever, I do not see a dac on these nor Hi res functionality so probably not. If it can’t hi - res then its just another mmx 300 and not worth its actual price tag

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It’s mainly not done since open back doesn’t have mass market appeal and has too many trade offs for the average person buying a headset imo

Hey, astro did it and does just fine… not the best quality… but not terrible either. The other company that did it is beyerdynamic just recently and Sennheiser with the gsp series which had an open back along with Game One which was extremely well received

Hmmm didn’t know astro had an open back, could you send a link? I’m not saying it’s not viable, but most companies aren’t going to go after that market. The open back gaming headsets I’ve heard from senn, audio technica, and beyer have been solid, but those are companies with lots of history making solid open back products. Along with the more premium market like the audeze gx, they tend to be more than people want to spend on a headset. But in recent years I haven’t been following the gaming market so perhaps it’s changed lol

Sure. https://www.amazon.com/ASTRO-Gaming-Wired-Headset-MixAmp-Dolby/dp/B07NSPPQFZ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=astro+a40+tr+with+mixamp&qid=1589658270&s=videogames&sr=1-1 read the bullet points. comes with a mod kit that lets you alternate open and closed to a good degree. A50s are the wireless version to these but a40s can utilize the mixamp. Definitely viable, mic has some very minor compression to it but still very usable. My only complaint on them is they FEEL fragile like cheap plastic despite being very sturdy.

Interesting, I wonder if it actually improves from going open, just turning something designed as a closed back to open can do more harm than good at some times (as can turning open to closed), but it depends on how well it’s made and if it was designed for it

switching to open changes its sound stage and cleans up the sound as you would expect… it definitely improves it… meanwhile closed back increases bass and levels it off a lot more providing more immersion. They however, definitely are nowhere near HEADPHONE LEVEL like a sundara is for music or something like that… they are strictly great for gaming.

Open back also sucks for lan. That’s a big reason most are not.