JDS Labs Atom DAC

Seems the there are rumors about an atom dac on the way, although I can’t find a source for this yet


Here is a source https://www.reddit.com/r/HeadphoneAdvice/comments/eubmn7/jds_labs_atom_dac_will_be_announced_soon/

thanks @Marzipan

Although tbh I don’t really know if it’s going to be a great improvement over what’s out there in the 100 buck range, I think it will be more for stacking purposes, but who knows


well, if you read the posts, they’re all people foaming at the thought of a matching stack, LoL!

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Ah lol, makes sense

they will have to be careful so as to not undercut their new EL DAC sales.

I an see them rebranding the old El DAC in an Atom chassis, since it’s performance isn’t as good as their newly released EL DAC revision.

That would still be really nice though, the el dac sounded pretty good and if it was just a recased el dac I think it might really displace some of the current offerings

I wonder if Monoprice will push their LS DAC out a bit sooner to beat/join the ATOM DAC. Think the atom stack and LS stack will be the stacks to beat in and around $200

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well the LS is making themselves different here by going with a different audience and different signature. they are competing more against a magni 3+ and possible modi with their stack.

If Schiit could get on the Modi 4 that would be the one to beat to me at $200… The heresy is on another level for $100 amps

I do agree but it will be a good stack regardless of the audience. The atom vs LS vs Schiit stacks. Hey @ZeosPantera how about that idea for a future video lol

Atom = analytical and clean
LS = warm and clean
Schiit = ???

If that makes sence lol

A Schiit, Mono n JDSL stack, side by side, would be pretty cool!

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I’d argue the Hersey is just as clean as the atom, maybe slightly more with 2 times the power.

Not arguing with that, but what would you say is the sound signature?

Same as the Atom, just with more thump and better stack on more demanding headphones

Awesome, and the Hersey compared to the Archel 2.5?

well that is if they update the Modi 3, if not it won’t sound as good as the atom stack.

Yes the modi 3 is holding the stack back imo

Makes sence yes due to the modi starting to show its “age” in the relevant market

The heresy and atom sound so close, either one is great

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just as clean, maybe a little more analytical sounding. It also has more power. I think the Archel 2.5 might sound a hair more natural.