Just order Moondrop Starfield!

I order them a few days ago now, I just saw zeo’s new review and now I’m even more hyped to get them.


Hope you like them, they are pretty sweet :+1:


I just got them and after an hour of listening to them, wow. Just wow. I think these are going to be my favourite iem a huge step up from the tin t2’s very happy with how good they are!


How is comfort on them?

actually surprisingly good I haven’t had any issues yet with fagutie.

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Awesome. Glad you like them!

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I’d love to just order them, unfortunately it would probably be at least a month until they would actually arrive :weary:.
I’m still ordering them when them money of returns gets in though…

“Just order Moondrop Starfield!”

No. I will not.
Just because the of that.

My impressions:

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I got these earlier this week and have been enjoying them, though I must say they don’t necessarily obsolete my FA1s. The bass is better than with the FA1, but I feel the soundstage and imaging could be better on the Starfield.
However today suddenly the right earpiece went almost silent, and after about an hour of not using them suddenly it was working again. I tried multiple sources to see whether it could’ve been something else than the earpiece but everything is working fine with my porta pros.
Debating on whether I should return them anyway in case this issue comes back after the period I have to return them (another 2-3 weeks).

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Tried a different cable?

Maybe moisture problem? Like if you have wet earwax or some other source of moisture.

I don’t have another one at hand, I ordered one that should come in this weekend. Difficult now to find out whether that was the problem since it’s working now.

Well it was fine with my Porta Pros, so if you mean that my ear was blocked than no. It could be that moisture from my ear got into the earpiece, though I can’t imagine my ear was that wet without me knowing it :P.

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The porta pros are headphones right? Since iems have a much deeper fit any moisture will much easier reach the drivers in them than headphones.

Ah yeah so you meant that the moisture got into the earpiece. Yes this could’ve been the case I guess. Let’s hope it didn’t cause any permanent damage then :frowning:

Aargh it’s happening again :scream:

Try cleaning your ears before using them. This problem affects quite a few chi-fi iems (Shuoer Tape, LZ A6, A6 mini and now your starfield). I suspect that since asian people usually have the dry wax type, they dont have the same moisture problem as western people do. So they do not need the iem itself to be protected against earwax moisture. At least that is my little theory on it lol.

Last time I really tried to clean my ears was the time I found out you’re not supposed to use q-tips for that purpose. I had to got to the doctor to have my ears flushes lol. The sound is back again now, this is really pissing me off :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, im gonna need to flush my ears too but thats gonna be after this covid-19 lol.

Unfortunately I havent experienced any moisture problems myself so I cant really help you (I have dry wax so lucky me). Although maybe if you put a small amount of cotton in the tips themselves or maybe micropore tape the nozzle and it can help absorb the moisture?

Dunno, I’ll see if it’s the same tomorrow. Maybe I just got some water in my ears without noticing or something.

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It’s the filter problem which causing the channel imbalance , they just started to sold replacement filter to fix this issues here

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