Juzear 61t 6+1 Hybrid IEM June 2024

A thread to discuss Juzear’s
6 Balanced Armature and Single Dynamic Driver Hydrid.

More info from HiFiGo here: Placeholder Price


That faceplate is beautiful. Reminds me of the Juzear FLAME!


any teaser on the launch price?


Not yet I will update more when I can

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I believe it’s launching on June 17th


I think they look good in real life than in the pictures here


The Knowels BA looks huge.

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Thats just in the rendered pic, IRL all BAs are tiny af.


Nah!! BA drivers are extremely small. Also one of the reasons why manufacturers are able to fit, 16-20 of them in one shell. :sweat_smile:

The crossover and implementation is a different story though.

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The treble is reminding me of Project M

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First Impressions are Kinda WOW!
Doesn’t sould like it graphs.

Been listening this track on repeat sounds so damn good.

Bass goes low but the lower mids play neutral not warm as the graph would indicate. Also not too much weight into female vocals its the perfect mix with the bass still very well controlled and the bass texture is fricking spot on.
I was listening to this track and the harmonics of the strings all the way through the song from the bass to the treble was incredibly textured and your could easily hear the strings vibrate even into the bass that was sooooo cool!

I am going to stop posting anything more until review or I will accused of hyping and shilling this IEM

I honestly dont care if that happens , I was excited and wanted to share first impressions so yeah I am kinda hyped on this set.

Did I mention the treble is killer wicked!


I would agree and throw some Project M in there with a splash of Meze Advar!

This thing will easily take on the Pilgrim and might even kick its ass!

On paper look like the Butterfly is flying circles around the Pilgrim with its extention and bass shelf.

Going to do a head to head in my review for sure with a Project M in there and a SL41 for good measure.


What’s wild is that actually looks like the graph that they send in the materials. Impressive. Mine should be here in a few days.


For the price they’re asking, it better fucking fly circles around Pilgrim lol


I dont think it will be as expensive as the Pilgrim? No prices have been released yet.

You probably looking at the Placeholder Ha Ha Ha I see.

I hope so, or at the very least under 700 since I like the faceplate but at that price I’d just buy 7th acoustics supernova


Really looking forward to your review. I subscribed to your channel after seen your DaVinci review which is spot on. After seen a dozen reviews on the Vinky, your review mirrored exactly what I was hearing.


Got 41T out from the box. I forgot how beautiful vocals sound on this one. Would be an interesting comparison with 61T


Another Juzear and another banger ! Thanks HiFi Go for this one. It wasn’t even on my radar , but I am sure glad it’s in my ears!

:money_mouth_face: $219.99

:grinning: It is a better Pilgrim… in every metric Bass, Tonality, Tambre, Stage, Layering, Separation, Micro and Marco details.

:grinning: My kind of tuning with a lower pina gain and one hell of a bass Glide.
:grinning: Cable is one of the absolute nicest it’s a limpid SPC no modular bit can come in SE or 4.4

:grinning: OMG the looks so amazing with the CNC machined Abalone top
:grinning: Such a clean midrange because of the perfectly balanced tuning.

:grinning: No Bass Bleed yet tonnes of texture and sweet secondary harmonics makes the Bass a real standout with killer texture and detail
:grinning: No sibilance yet lots of tip end and extention and air
:grinning: Instruments had amazing depth and timbre super natural and great Tonality
:grinning: Technical performance is off the charts

:face_vomiting: … Loading Error 101 nothing here move along folks

:thinking: Not for Bass heads
:thinking: Not for Harmon Fans
:face_with_peeking_eye: Not for people who don’t like exceptionally well tuned IEM’S