Juzear 61t 6+1 Hybrid IEM June 2024

My set has pillowy Bass…Timmy said the Bass was the best part?
treble is nice but graphs different from other folks set


Update : after trying velvet regular, wide bore, baroque, W1, Spiral dots and final type E, finally settled with Asla Sedna light.

Sedna light has come to the rescue on more occasions than I would like to give it credit.

@hawaiibadboy : initial impression, I think Timmy is right. The bass is good.

Will post impressions after I’ve spent decent time.


I feel like Sedna Earfits (Normal/soft/short/soft shorts) are THE default when rolling tips. Start there and then roll to taste.


He said it sounded congested…Bass was it’s best point. My set is not congested but sounds like lofi…maybe lofi is interchangable with congested…

The unit I have doesn’t sound congested as such but the mids are forward along with slightly pronounced mid bass and both of these alone occupy majority of the stage and it can be difficult for instruments to come through on complex tracks. The staging is narrow essentially.

A few other reviewers have said similar things about the bass even though the bass has nice texture. I take it that the leading edge attack for drum and bass guitar notes sounds a bit soft and more like BA bass?

Yeah just checked Timmy’s squiglink it’s very different.

Listening to the 61t as a comparison to the DYNAQUATTRO

EZRA Collective

A little Jazz
61T hits much harder. DQ doesn’t have nearly the same impact.

61T sounds more vocal forward less of a organic nature a more exciting replay with the extra energy in the treble.

On this track 61T definitely plays back differently less of a organic chill set more of a " Lets get this party started" female vocals are rendered better on the 61T and instrumental comes through cleaner but not as smooth or as effortless as the DYNAQUATTRO.

Both just wonderful IEM’s

Looking on paper you would think the DYNAQUATTRO wound be more forward an it is but the big surprise was the bass and how different they both replay the same track.


The drummer of Ezra Collective has some chops.

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Kinda funny bc I’ve been running my 61t with +3db at 4khz. Which looks to be very close to the difference in those 2 graphs. I would do it at 3.5khz but I’m using the fiio btr5 that only has set frequencies I can change so it was close enough

Some quality time with Qudelix T-71, 61T and EQ at work!!


Nice! How do you find the T-71?

Is the t-71good for music listening? Or just for movies and stuff?

@yogurt @jmwant : T-71 is Qudelix 5K on steroids minus the BT functionality and with some added features like 7.1 channel downsampling to 2 channel stereo.

For me it’s great to use at work because I consider the sound to be neutral and helps me get an idea of how the IEM sounds for the most part and it has 4 built-in mics which is a great convenience for meetings.

There is a lot that is not good as well. Will try and put together my impressions in a day or two.


A/Bing these two today.


Which one won?

I really liked DynaQuattro over 61T. But it doesn’t mean 61T is any less good. The occlusion effect and the wide nozzle were a problem from me and kept me from enjoying 61T for a longer period. Will post a comparison.

Me having the 61t still packed in the box because I am waiting for my new DAP to be delivered :confused:


Please feel free to ship it to me meanwhile :smiley:

hahaha but DAP is supposed to come on 20th brooo

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