K361/K371 or DT 770 pro 80ohm for relaxed listening?

I’ve previously owned a great basshead closed back: Vmoda m100 crossfade. But they were too uncomfortable so I sold them to a friend. I’m now looking for a new pair of closed backs and I’m wondering if I should get the DT 770pro 80 ohm or the K361 or K371. My purpose with them is just relaxed listening, sound isolation, comfort, slightly dark/warm soundsignature but not too much so that it gets muddy like for example the hd 559. The treble should still be present and clear but it shouldn’t be sibilant. What would you guys reccomend?

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If you want bass i wouldnt recommend the DT770. I’m not sure about the AKG’s but the Meze 99’s Neo/Noir 200$ has a lot of bass and not too bright. i know Darko uses them for casual listening and likes them a lot for that. I hear the Modhouse Argons have a lot of bass and you can get them closed for 245$


relaxing? meze 99 noir
edit: i didnt even see @Antpage2 recommend the meze’s
yeah just get them, i think youll love them

I have the 250 ohm DT770 and the bass is pretty sweet. However they are not at all dark / warm. The treble is forward also making for a more V shaped signature that is very engaging but not what I would call relaxing. I haven’t heard the 80 ohm but I’m assuming most of these comments will still apply to that version.
I second @Antpage2 with the Meze 99 suggestion. I haven’t heard the Meze but from what I’ve heard it seems like they might be the right choice for you.
Another option might be the Sony MDR-1A. They are a portable closed back around the same price. They have a solid bass response and a fairly warm sound from what I can remember. Nothing offensive. They are also very easy to drive so you don’t need a powerful source to enjoy them. They are also very comfortable and well padded. Some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve had. They have the new “m2” model out now but I haven’t heard it. You can pick the originals up used for a pretty good price if you look around.

These recommendations seem a bit out of his price range considering the price of the headphones that he was considering no? If you want something warm with pleasant bass for relaxing I would really recommend a senheiser 58x. Specially over the Beyer which is super bright. Can’t say I’ve heard the akg headphones you mentioned but the 58x is pretty dang smooth with still some of the smoothest highs I’ve heard. Even tho it’s open back it worked well in my room that has a loud ass air conditioner lol.

The 250 ohm variant is brighter than the 80 ohm variant though

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I agree that the Meze is a good recommendation. I purchased a set of Noirs from head-fi used for $145, so I think if you’re willing to go used you could find a set in the same price ball-park.

I haven’t heard the AKG, so I can’t comment on those. I do own the 250hm DT770 and would not consider them dark / warm or relaxed.

I’m listening to a set of CAL! right now, and they fit the sound profile, but I do not find them comfortable at all…


You should be able to pick up either of my recs for around $150 - 200 if you look around. I picked up my original MDR-1a for a lot cheaper than that but I bought used. Beyers are $120 - 150, K371 is $120. I feel like we are in the ballpark. He was asking specifically for a closed back though which is why I didn’t mention the 58x. They would probably be a good option though if isolation isn’t a must.

The other thing we haven’t addressed yet is source. @Alexander what sort of amplification are you working with? That will definitely effect the recommendations to an extent.

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That may be true. I haven’t heard the 80 ohm. I really liked my DT770 so I wouldn’t try to talk you out of them, they are a great headphone and a killer at their price point. As long as you know that I don’t think any Beyer has ever been called warm or dark. :slight_smile:

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@Alexander I would not recommend the DT770 80 ohm at all. The treble is quite sibilant and piercing, and the bass is a bit uncontrolled and wonky. They are certainly not relaxing. The 250 ohm is the only version of the 770 I would recommend, it tones down the treble sibilance slightly and the bass is much tighter and cleaner.
For relaxing, I would say look at the Cooler Master MH751, the Sivga SV006, or the AKG K371.

If you have the amp to power them and can find a pair used, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 600 Ohm are the best of the DT770… but they’ve been out of production a couple of years now. Still can find them used from time to time.


I still regret not jumping on that pair I saw sell for $60 on eBay. :slightly_frowning_face:


gotcha, fair enough then. seems to be in the ball park used

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You and me both. I think I looked at the same set.

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I would think you’d like the K371’s…being based on the Harman curve, they’re made to be pleasing to everyone.

the 58x is not even close to the sound he wants lol
and you need to have to be a reptile to enjoy those pads, or paying half the price of the headphone to replace them in a few months because they soak up everything from your sweat to your dead ancestors juice that you never even met

I wouldn’t say the dt 770s are muddy they are quite bassy though and the treble is definitely present as it is a bright headphone. You would probably find more enjoyment in the k371 in this case between those two if you want a warmer signature. However, I think either the meze or the Fidelio X2 HR would be more up your alley here. 58x as said is a balanced headphone with some warm and dark tones to it but may not be precisely what your looking for.

the only open back he referenced, he downed

He’s probably talking about my bringing up the fidelios since it’s an open back. I only suggested it as it definitely fits a warm bassy signature with really smooth clear vocals despite being open back I found it really nice. Theres already good recommendations here. Meze, dt 770, k371, and sivga are all great recommendations.

it didnt quote properly, myb