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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO


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How come there’s no thread for those? I’m receiving mine tomorrow and can’t wait.

Apologies if I shouldn’t start a thread if I don’t have them yet, but I came here to read about them and was surprised there’s no thread.


How are they? I’m very curious on how they sound. Do they require alot of power?

Power wise - they don’t require much to be loud - not at all, but they just sound weird out of my phone for example. Very muddy, hard to even describe, like they play in ‘demo version’.
I don’t have much experience with such headphones - even Tin P1 weren’t like that - they were noticeably quieter on low power source, these change the quality of sound a lot.

How are they? On good source, jds labs atom, they’re great, I mean pretty dark, pleasantly dark, at the same time detailed, nothing seems to be “off” with them, I have to say I am liking them very much. I don’t want to hype them, I’ll be listening to them more as I really enjoy what I am hearing.
Like… I kinda can’t believe they cost me £129, if I paid £300 for them I wouldn’t mind at this point.

Sorry, I am not great at describing sound, I enjoy them very much, maybe I’ll be able to tell more the more I listen to them

Do you think the Fiio BTR5 would be enough to power them?

I think so, I run them balanced on es100 and it’s enough. And I think btr5 balanced is slightly stronger than es100 (?)

Yea it has more power than the es100. I’m trying to decide in these or the Tin P1 or the Legacy 4. I know the P1 needs alot of power.

I got P1s too. They’re completely different and you’re right, they need significantly more power.
I am guessing P1s are harder to like, unless you really don’t care about bass or you have a powerful source and eq.

For example, some crazy bass is possible with P1s with - 20sB preamp, but then I pretty much max out low gain in jds labs atom :slight_smile:

Believe are, I think, so easy to like. I am still in honeymoon period so I’m just saying I am loving them :slight_smile:

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A bit of an update after few days of listening to kbear Believe. I am only more astonished how good a value of an IEM it is.

Yesterday i have been tip rolling looking for a good fit for Fiio FD5 as I forgot about then due to poor fit initially. So I have been listening to FD5 and then I came back to continuing listening to Believe. It’s scary how close those two IEMs are. Seriously in just a SQ I can’t tell which ones better, they have pretty similar tonality with Fiio having stronger bass. I would say fiio is more premium build, but still, I’m really shock how close they sound together. Fiio cost me 2.5times more and I can’t say it’s better SQ. They’re both great. I think it speaks well to KBear Believe.

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has the same issues as the diamonds with moisture build up making them unusable after a short period of time, hard skip

What period of time is it? So far, haven’t experienced it yet, is there anything I can do to avoid it? Thanks

Ok. I read about it, thread about kbear diamond and moisture issue.
I have some thoughts. I am actually using following “config”:

As I didn’t really like the standard thingy on the filter, I could see a glue underneath and it wasn’t even on both earpieces and I got some OCD so I removed it and I actually liked more treble, added some tape to tame them just a bit and tighten the bass a bit too.

So what I’m thinking is… The original material could be gathering moisture? Maybe a fix is as simple as that? I’m 5 hours in already with Believe in my ears and zero issues.

i’m not sure what causes the issue, i presume it’s the filter because i can fix it by wiping it down with the memory foam tip that comes with the believe but it happens every 20 mins or so for me, which is enough for me to want to return them. i’d imagine using only memory foam would help too which i can’t do. i don’t think i have particularly moist ears either so i’m not sure how other people are dealing with this or i’m just wrong about my liquid ears

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Interesting, I spent whole day today, pretty much 12h with ~1hour break in Believes (but without those filter things, like on the photo above) and no issue whatsoever.

Are you in humid climate maybe? The moisture can come from the outside somehow and just accumulate there? Dunno…

Is your ear wax the wet type? I believe that since most asians have the dry ear wax type, most iems arent built to prevent moisture absorption due to having wet ear wax like most westerners have. Thats why we only see reports on moisture issues when they start to sell internationally.

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it is but there isn’t much + i regularly clean my ears

Unfortunate news, the BElieve is discontinued now. If you want it, better grab it fast from the stores that still got it.


I seen it, wonder if there’s going to be v2.

I bought a spare pair as there’s still few left on UK amazon. I really like’em and use them surprisingly a lot even though I got few more expensive iems.

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Hello, got them too, after a few hours i can say they are my second ears!
Yes, they need power, 150mw or more, but what a sound… so good.
Got a few iems, FH3 were my favorites (and still are on low powered source) over TinT4 and Starfields.
But these Kbear are just about another level. I nether heard this clarity, especialy on guitars and electric bass (which i discover, finaly).
I don’t have more expensive iems than these, but i have the feeling that they can compete with much more ones.
With them, i just stoped thinking “it could be better”, i just …enjoy music.

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Nice! I love them too :slight_smile:

I found them even better with just a touch of subbass eq.
something like 125Hz low shelf +3 dB <3

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