🔶 KBear Believe single DD

Ok, i will try that, thanks for the advice!
Maybe you could tell me something. I’m using a tempotec idsd plus, and it has 150mw power.
Do you think these Kbear would benefit from a highly powered source?

not sure, maybe(?)
I use them balanced on es100 which is 302 mW (16 Ω, balanced) and I think it’s really good on it.
However, I do think (could be placebo?) it’s even better on jds labs atom :slight_smile:

I might buy a Ifi Hip later, will see.
Speaking about placebo (or not), one thing i noticed is that they sound a bit better, clearer, with a silver plated cable, after a few hours, than with my copper. It was noticeable on bass and sub bass. They were a bit too much boomy with copper, less defined.
They are the first iems from which i hear a difference with cables (i always thought cables didn’t matters).
And, for anyone reading us and planing to buy them, a BTR3K, for example, has really not enough power, it would be a waste.

I got plethora of cables :smiley: but I have to say I never heard difference fortunately (fortunately as then I would be looking for the best sounding cable, spending much money :D)

After a bit more listening Dire Staits, dsd files.
What can i say… maybe “hey, stop spending time and money, just get them, give yourself this gift”.
Edit: non doubt, clearly better than all the ones i have (including fiio Fh3). And even “better” is not the accurate word, not far from perfect i guess.
They are the only ones i have that can make a bass guitar, and everything else , sounding clean and clear!
And they reveal so many things i could not hear before!

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Strange that there are not more threads about them! Are there a kind of secret gem that only a few are keeping? Or do they please only some people with some kind of ears? Some says that they could worth 500$ (comparaison to what they own at this price).

One more thing i noticed, it is about tonality, really natural, just as expected, with all music styles.


Chris rec’s them to :+1:

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I agree with your opinion :100:% :bangbang:

Here in Germany I pay 137€ for these earphones via Amazon, which is exactly as much as the FiiO FH3 costs and 340€ cheaper than the FiiO FH7 and in my opinion the Kbear Believe wipes the floor with both models in terms of sound quality, naturalness, speed and dynamics.

Personally, I would include the earphone in my top 5, as it has hardly any weaknesses and does not even begin to cause tonal annoyance in any frequency range.

And I think I have a bit of experience with in-ears :wink: :wink:

It is an earphone that I could recommend :100:% because it works out of the box, does not require any additional investment, scales with the quality of the audio equipment, is extremely balanced in terms of tone and is comfortable to wear.


It’s an amazing set. There were 20 left on a Amazon site I saw Kbear indicate that was th last of em forever. I since heard another company sourced that driver maker. It is pure beryllium as they stated.

One of those rare deals that makers are not fully aware of until feedback comes in and somebody already found your supplier and signed an exclusive deal with. em.

I have a set I use and a plastic wrapped BNIB set. Will be a set i keep forever.

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A couple of new sets still available on UK Ebay…


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Lol! I trust you when you say that you have a bit of experience!
Good to know.

lol im glad i bought another pair when there were like 3 left on amazon :smiley:
I hope my first pair won’t break anytime soon (I use a lot of it on the go) but if it does, I got spare :pray:

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Might be a good idea. An other little gem i got recently is the Hzsound heart mirror. Got them for 35€, ans i have to admit i like them better than tin t4, and as much and even more than my fh3…leakage is not good but the sound is!

Im just receiving super cheap kbear today (ks1), wonder what it delivers in that price.

_ edit: it isn’t that good, 19.99 though :smiley:

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YES! This set is so good that I don’t want to miss the sound either :heavy_heart_exclamation:

So this additional investment :moneybag: :+1: is absolutely worth it to me.


Not sure if this is legit, most recent review was July 2020.

Product description below the listing shows photos and info for the KBear KB04. In customer feedback, one person talks about “under $50 IEM” and another says “TRN aced it”.

Burn them in!

That’s quite the collection. What would you include in the remainder of your top 5?