Kennerton Thror, have you heard "THESE"?

Hey Z/DMS/all users

I recently tried a pair of Kennerton Thror’s through a Chord Hugo TT 2, and I had the biggest “THESE” moment of my life, every song I listened to sounded almost perfect. This demo was my first high-end flagship headphone experience, but they blew all I listened to that day including Klipsch HP-3, Beyerdynamic T1, HD 660s, EL-8 (open).

Long short I hadn’t heard of Kennerton before, seen anything about them on any form or any reviews online and with my limited experience having never heard 800s, LCD’s, Empyrean or other really high-end headphones couldn’t give them justice trying to review them myself. Z or DMS if you read this I beg you to try them and maybe, just maybe give them the review they deserve.

I did have a pair of the Vali from Massdrop. And they may have been the most annoying set I’ve owned. On one hand, I loved the sound. Kind of like a clearer LCD2. One the other hand, they were the single least comfortable set of cans I’ve owned. Hands down. Being in the USA, it’s not a brand we get over here often. I’d love to try something else from them, if only to see if they’ve ever fixed their ergonomic issues.

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I also tried the vali the thror’s were defantly much more comfortable, so much lighter and the pads felt like an upgrade too.

Guys, I really love the wood and look of the Kennertons, Does anyone have first hand experience with their lower end models like the Magni, Star, M12’s, Vali, Magister pro, Jor’s? I just can’t bring myself to spend $2-$3k on a headphone and I’m wondering what thoughts folks have on the models under $1.8k. It seems allot of the price is based on the beautiful wood they use, what are you thoughts on the sound tho and did you keep yours or sell them?
Looking forward to hearing any and all opinions.

looks at price tag fuck that


I have heard the Valis and I remember liking them more then t1’s and kiplsich hp-3’s however there are heavier and the ear pads are nice and soft they are small, they’re also not very light.


So I decided to take the plunge after listening and ended up with a Thror Bog Oak, very curious to see how it responds to some of my amps


This is great. Can’t wait to hear your impressions and where it lands in your lineup.

Congrats! Bog Oak is niiiiice.