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  • USB/COAX/Blutooth(optional) input, Balanced RCA (or unbalanced) Out
  • Optional Bluetooth

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Maybe it’s to early to tell, But the Tone 2 Pro looks really promising on papers. Khadas has answered some questions regarding the balanced RCA jacks, it’s quite interesting.
The huge volume knob is also a big plus. I don’t have any Stereo speaker system yet, so I’m intending to get the Tone 2 Pro solely for an headphone amp. Will it be a good buy for $179?Any Khadas users here ?

Still, Nope.

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not recommended for bright headphones and fir those who dont like edgy sharp music.

Review by Soundnews

Review by iiWi Reviews

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Anyone here who have tried it? I really want it!:slight_smile:

The more i think about those balanced XLRs the less mad i get. Wether they did that or what Ifi does with the 4.4 out, you still need an adapter or cable that few other devices are going to use/share. At that point im not sure it makes a ton of difference what the adapter actually is.

Anyone here who owns one?

I received mine yesterday, and all I can say is i’m very impressed with this little thing. I actually prefer the tone 2 pro to my magnius/modius stack. It really does sound a bit cleaner, though i’m not really well versed in how to describe it. I don’t have the balanced rca cables, which are $50 for a 0.2m cable pair and $90 for a 1m long cable pair. The magnius is the only thing i could connect it to with the rca to xlr cables, so i’m probably not gonna go for those yet, But this thing can power my headphones just fine. I’ve tried gl2000, hifiman 4xx, isine 10, tin p1, and other iems and headphones and this thing can power them all well. some on high gain and quite a few on low. I just love this thing. You can power it via smartphone usb-c to usb-c, though it does drain the smartphone battery pretty considerably, but you can also hook up a usb power bank to the i2s and use that for power. the 2nd usb c is labled i2s, but from what I can tell its to hook up a separate power supply. The only real negative I can say about it is the control scheme. The volume knob is digital, and you have to click it twice(you click it by pushing the knob down) to change what setting your controlling. The led at the base of the knob will tell you what setting is currently being controlled, and the paperwork it comes with has a whole list with pictures to tell you what color the led it for the setting. Only negative, but I still really like this thing. I’m glad I bought it before zeos does his review because it probably would’a been sold out on amazon before I could get one. So in short, great sounding, decently powerful, and i prefer this to my modius/magnius setup.

Oh, and 1 thing i did find is that on pc, equalizer apo doesn’t seem to work with this when using that as a pc dac/amp, but I’m not sure if that’s my end or the khadas drivers messing with it.

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Thanks, it’s always better to read personal experiences rather than youtube reviews.


I hope this review will help

Spitball: just zeos’s simplified controls and vu meter would be neat. Standard connectors too but I’m guessing there’s some pain in the assness involved there versus the original board.

Which color do you got? I want it in the color where the lightning under the knob is more visible. Little afraid that the lightning will blend i to blue and red chassis color

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I saw that


Especially ones who can’t tell the differences between different dacs.


Preordered the new version:)


Quick question–if I were to use the Balanced RCA cables from the Tone2 Pro into a female XLR-to-RCA male adapter, then connect that to a single-ended amp to its RCA, would that eliminate ground loops or would that still pass through?

Tone2 Pro → Balanced RCA cable → female XLR to male RCA adapter → RCA single-ended amplifier (still ground loops???)


You would need a passive DI-Box running in reverse or a level converter (like the ART CleanBoxPro) to turn balanced into single ended correctly.

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Sierd that there isnt more action on this thread due to the oraise of Khadas Tone2 Pro. Still waiting for mine to ship from Hifigo. Damn, it take time. Prob cause of that the threads are quite? 3rd batch with updated firmware etc is ready now i think

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I may get one soon to feed balanced signal to my Singxer. Then compare and contrast to the SMSL Sanskrit 10th mkii.