Klipsch owners thread

I thought i’d start an obligatory Klipsch speaker owners thread, Here is my system a Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System from around 2004 that for some reason they still make. Post up what you’ve got!

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I’ll play,
1984, Heresy I’s

I have these in my living room currently; Tidal thru Ipad via bluetooth to BluDento reciever to SMSL su8 to Emotiva PA-1 Monoblocks and Monolith thx 12” sub. It’s a great system for enjoyment, and when we have friends over. It gets loud and because of the sub plays all genre’s with authority.


I wish I had the money for separates for my system, but I need a 4k tv and a new receiver first.

Look for used stuff, there are folks that NEED the newest gear as soon as it comes out and are always looking to get rid if great sometimes barely used equipment. I love used stuff, yesterday’s technology today baby.

what are good forums to look on for home theater stuff?

avsfourms is a good choice, so is audioholics

I’m looking on AVS right now, what I really need is a more modern A/V Receiver, mine is so freaking old can’t do 4k or any of the new audio processing formats.

most are pretty nice tbh. Some of the marantz av are really nice but pricey

I have a Pioneer Elite right now, apparently Pioneer is not what it use to be. I’d like to get a Denon 11.2 so I can add Atmos.

Local craigslist too, shipping will kill you when done with private sales. Heavy items, insured add up. Look at Denon units too there are some units out there for decent prices with many features. Edit: sorry, i just noticed you want 11 channels. That’s gonna cost you. With a denon 7.2 you can use 2 rear channels as height channels for atmos but that’s still not full like you want.

I have a 7.2 system so I want to use all my speakers, my rears are also bipole’s so I don’t know how well two of them as height channels would work.

Got RP600Ms hooked up to a Onkyo A9110 amp and SMSL SU8 DAC. Great system under 1000, can also add a sub later if I feel like it

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Do you have pictures, I want to see everyone’s systems!

If I remember to clean my room some day I will post pictures :smiley:

Atm cannot decide what DAC to use with em. SMSL SU8 should be better, newer and supports more formats, but for some reason my old Schiit Modi 2 sounds more musical to me.

Was it a modi 2 multibit?

Probably not a multibit, it only has USB in and RCA out, thats it

Yeah, then it’s the normal modi 2. Have you played around with the su-8s settings? There are modes like rich and tube, and more that are different from the roll off filter to try that effect the harmonics

I have tried all of them, but it still sounds kinda “cold” and “critical”, while the Schiit sounds more rich and warmer.

Yeah, the su-8 is more on the analytical side where the schiit is implemented differently

LOL, i’m guessing you don’t live with a woman.