KLipsch RP 600m or R51 PM or the sixes?

Confused between rp 600m or r51pm or the sixes for using on desk.
For use in a room of 3.8m x 4.5m.
For listening music and movies.
If RP 600m which amp to go with it ?

The rp600m is an improvement over the 51pm imo, so if you have the budget I would go with those. How much are you looking to spend for an amp, and do you want any specific features or have a size constraint?

Which is the cheapest i can amp i can buy for it ?
It would be good if i could connect my phone without wires to the setup.

Hmm, for a pure amp, the topping pa3 would be pretty nice for the price. If you also need a dac, the topping d10 would work well nicely with it. I don’t think that’s the minimum you could spend, but I do think that might give you the most bang for the buck if you buy new (used market could yield a good deal on a 2 channel av receiver but that depends)

If you wanted something wireless, perhaps the smsl ad18 would be up your alley, although I don’t think it would sound as good as the pa3+ d10 setup

Both of the mentioned amps are not available in my country.

Where are you located in?

A small village in India

Hmm, can you possibly link some sites where you could purchase items from? Perhaps I can look around and see what’s available to you

It is showing in amazon for SMSL AD18 - Rs27000- 380$

Yikes, that’s very pricey then, way more than what the ad18 is worth. In the US the ad18 is around $145 USD

I wonder if Aliexpress retails in that area for cheap?

Can try I had ordered some things from aliexpress. But, it has yet to get delivered till date. I had ordered in december phone cover just to check. Yet to get delivered.

This would be my pick for the price after looking around it seems to be the best priced for what you get. It sounds pretty good too

This would also be pretty good, but is more expensive


I hope you enjoy. I would add that I greatly prefer the RP600m over the Sixes.

Klipsch rp 600m costs -Rs68000 = 950$
US it is 650 $ :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this good ?

Yes, that would get the job done for sure, it is a step up from the model I linked in both sound, features, and price lol

Thank you sir.
May I know is there any cheaper alternative in the site I mentioned for klipsch rp 600m ?
Like 650$= 45000Rs.

These are pretty awesome, and a better deal than the klipsch for the price you can get them imo