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This is the official thread for the Klipsch RP600m. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Im still blown away by these. Everytime I start to listen I just want to listen more, just one more song… one more song. Spectacular.

First I thought they are bit bright, but after some playing and upgrading my AMP/DAC is just audio heaven.

I have Onkyo A9110, Audio GD R2R 11 and a big old sub for under 50hz. I cant even remember the brand atm, from an old hometheare setup, but its 12 inch. (giggidy)

TL;DR I am looking for a good Tube Amp, preamp, subwoofer and DAC pairing for the these so hit me.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a great tube amp pairing for these?

I have decided that these speakers are the ones I am going to eventually pull the trigger on, I am going to stream music as well so I will need to look for a good streamer. Either that or I am going to connect my MacBook to a DAC, then a DAC to a preamp (possibly, I am still unsure about benefits of a preamp), then finally to a tube amp.

I have been looking at the Dynaco ST-70 or the McIntosh MC275. I know these are expensive amps but I will be buying an expensive system to have for a long long time.

The DAC I have been looking at it the Denefrips ARES II, does anyone have any better recommendations?

Finally, I have heard these before, and I would quite like a subwoofer with them. I assume that the Klipsch R-12SW would be a good pairing, seeing as they are the same brand, but if anyone has any better recommendations then let me know, I don’t know a lot about subwoofers.

I will also be upgrading the speakers like this:
https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=166535.0, adding a better crossover as well as filling them with no rez.

Edit I will also add an EQ like the Schiit Loki, providing the amp or preamp doesn’t have one on it. I also assume that power conditioners are pretty much worthless, seeing as the power I get in my room is the same power I get around the rest of my house. Does anyone also have and actually worthwhile cheap tweaks, such as better stands for instance? Thanks again, Felix.

FYSA, these play well with a variety of components and my personal opinion is that they take well to coloration of sound via tube but also sound great via SS. All the pieces you named would sound great and most likely be very enjoyable. It fallsdown to space requirements, convenience for operation due to location of your components and what type of sound signature you are looking for ultimately. You are well into high budget territory and have many options to chose from. A Luxman amplifier for example with built in tone controls could do everything you want except provide a dac. I like all of the suggested components you mentioned and would look to the dealer you are shopping with to see how much of a bundle price i could get, maybe possibly have them throw in some nice cables to round out the system. Also since you are in higher price territory maybe see if you could demo some pieces to get a feel of the synergy between them? Just helpful suggestions so you hopefully make choices the first time around you can live with. Happy listening and good luck.
Edit: i forgot subwoofers, the klipsch subs sound a bit better in a HT set-up IMO. Maybe you could take a peek at some Rythmik, or Rel, subs as far as houshold names go which might be slightly better pairings and more geared towards 2 channel systems.

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IMO instead of luxman I would suggest accuphase instead, I just switched and I think I definitely prefer accuphase if you want to get something like a luxman

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The accuphase amps seem cool from reviews. Do they have any models that don’t look like they are form 1990 though :laughing:. I am a big fan of VU meters, however useless they are.

Edit I’m not sure I really need that much power either for Klipsch, seeing how easy they are to drive.
Also, I would probably do some tube rolling as well if I get a tube amp, any recommendations on Tubes? Solid state is easy to handle obviously but I am a big fan of the tube sound. That being said, I don’t want to have to wait 10-15 minutes for my tubes to warm up every day

You don’t unless you are going to be blasting them or if your mods cause a drop in efficiency

So what is your budget for the tube amp? I wouldn’t spend over 2k imo

I tried to speak of items that I had personal experience with on those particular Klipsch. Any good tube source will require a nice warm up before it blooms fully. You can listen while it’s warming up but the first 15-45 mins will sometimes sound a bit different. YMMV and it all depends on the equipment.
I too personally now enjoy VU meters, it’s really just a personal preference and don’t mind having a treble and bass control integrated into a unit. Using it or not is very song dependent for me.
Again, in your budget range I would do all I could to audition and haggle/bundle to maximize value. Wonderful recommendations and selections all across. Good luck.

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Yeah there’s no getting around waiting for tubes to warm up lol, depends on the amp but I think it might take an HR for some amps to get to their pretty much done warning up state lol. A hybrid tube amp might be what you want (or a sweet sounding solid state)

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Yeah I don’t want to go massively overboard as I reckon the rp600m would bottleneck a Tube amp thats in a difference class. I would say max about $2000 as well.
Tubes are a sticky one because I love the sound for genres like blues or classical, but I wouldn’t really want to use them for any techno or metal.
Perhaps you know of any hybrid amps that you can switch between tubes and SS?

To simplify, my setup (eventually) will be
Macbook -> Denefraps ARES II -> Preamp (I don’t know which) -> Amp (I don’t know which) -> Klipsch rp600m

with a sub thrown in there somewhere, I am thankful to @Nick_Mimi, he has recommended a Rhythmic or a Real which I will have to look into.

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The rythmik is most likely going to be hard to find in UK, but the rel will most likely be available

Personally I’m just going to have to say go solid state on this one, or just get two amps and a switch box lol

Ah, I suppose so.

I look into some amps and get back to you.

DO you have any SS amps around or under $2000 that you would recommend? I don’t mind going second hand at all

What you could go is get a power amp and then a preamp like a schiit saga + or freya where you can toggle the tubes on and off?


Although this is an integrated but you could add a tube dac or tube buffer if needed

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Yes that does make sense, but I am not a big fan of the Schiit stuff since being let down by the magni 3

Ah ok, perhaps then start out with an integrated amp and then see if you really want to add tubes

yeah I’ll give it a go because a built in pre amp would be easier, I have a NAD C350 at the moment but it’s on it’s last legs.

Gotcha, well yeah my pick is accuphase because it’s almost a tube like solid-state, very sweet sounding, just impressive overall. Luxman is a bit more neutral but still sweet.

Thank you, they start quite expensive but the Japanese are very trustworthy, do you think I should be looking at the E270? It’s pretty out of my budget at the moment.
Again, second hand is fine so do you have any recommendations?

Thanks again,