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Z Reviews

I just saw Zeos unbox these. Impressive speakers.

-TV input (via HDMI-ARC, so you control the volume of the speakers with your TV remote!)
-Bluetooth 5
-Optical IN
-RCA IN and phono preamp
-And a subwoofer output that, when activated, (apparently) cuts the low frequencies and only sends the lower frequencies to the subwoofer. Still, there’s a big bass port on the back, so if you’re not a basshead, I guess you would not need a sub.

Inputs switched via a big metal wheel on the top of the unit.
Another big metal wheel for (digital) volume control.
Apparently actual real wood, not vinyl (they’re not only available in black).

And if a mod needs to make this an official thread, go for it. :+1:

Have to mention the switches… imo ugly af!

Amount and types of connections is very good but the solution on top?
The roll switch look… That would be deal breaker on it’s own for me.
Hope they have some tech. inside so input change ain’t fully manual and some automation is used.

Remote with small display that indicates inputs would be nicer. That’s just me.

I like it. That’s different and “classic” looking, especially with the wood.
Looks like a 70’s speaker full of today’s tech heh.

If interested I copped a pair from audio advice in their open box section. Saved a good amount as they had a special promotion to save 10% on top of the open box price. I don’t know if it is due to covid but they have free two day shipping and I am on day 5 today. Could anyone recommend a sub for these?

Mine came in tonight! The dsp is pretty noticeable in the bass. I am not an audiophile and don’t have much experience but have listened to tuks, t1e’s, and triangle’s ln01a’s. These fill a room better imo but have underwhelming highs and mids as the bass is pretty tuned up. When disabling the dsp, they get a little boring imo. The highs and mids stay underwhelming and the bass just becomes less engaging. Pretty good soundstage but not as holographic as the t1e’s. These get loud though like I didn’t really want to go above 70% and I have only tested them in my family room which is an open plane and quite large. Pretty impressive for what they are but I wouldn’t imagine a hardcore audiophile would appreciate them very much. I will likely keep them and hope that a future sub might allow the mids and highs to open up a bit along with some burn in although my set was an open box.

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I’m still wondering WTF Klipsch is doing for product placement. The sixes were $699 6.5 inch (400 watts) active speakers were discontinued earlier this year and clearance’d off for like $300. The 5’s are $799 4.5 inch (320 watts) active speaker… The 6’s 40Hz ~20kHz @ -3dB and 5’s 50Hz - 25kHz… The fives have an extra input (HDMI-ARC), DSP/room correction, maybe a slightly improved tweeter “1” (2.5cm) Titanium LTS vented tweeter with Tractrix® horn”. But seems like a sid-step if not downgrade at best for more dinero. Maybe I’m missing something…

My $0.02



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Never heard the sixes but these speakers are well worth the coin. Listing the specs on the fives is irrelevant. These speakers put out way more than this size driver has any business doing. I have had the Vanatoos and tuks in the same room as I have these and ya maybe I would take the t1e’s in a small room over these and for the price but the fives can hold their own in a bigger room, sound great for pretty much any application. I don’t see passive speakers being paired with An integrated amp for this price sounding this good for the everyday music lover. Center presentation is great even if you aren’t seated in the mist optimal position, these are just fun. If you need a more accurate speaker in a smaller room then t1e’s every time but if just an all in one package that is capable of it all then the fives.


qobuz had a review of these. Said they underwhelmed with classical music.

800 seems like much. Sometimes RP600ms are on sale for 500, add something like a IOTAVX SA3 and the experience will much better.

Guess its for soundbar people.

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never understood those kinda people :sunglasses:

“Make world free of soundbars again 2020”



Joe N Tell review is up:

Oh, crap. It really looks like they just got rid of the Klipsch “house sound” and went 100% DSP-corrected smoothness to appeal to everyone. :confused:

I mean, I haven’t heard it, but the graphs are really smooth, with the bass a bit boosted. No peaks anywhere etc. Maybe you can disable the DSP correction?

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You can disable it. I got used to it on and actually enjoy them a lot. I am not an audiophile or anything close to that so take it for what it’s worth. With bass correction on it basically gives a boost to the bass at lower volumes. I don’t mind it for certain recordings but voices and treble can get lost in the increased bass. I’m keeping mine. Great speakers for me who returned the t1e’s and the kanto tuk’s but I just really like the output for the size and have found these to be really fun and versatile. T1e’s are going to be way more accurate and present a better sound stage imo while the fives make almost all the sound feel like it is coming from a center point. The fives are a bit bigger and output more, again just my opinion based off what I remember from when I had them in last year. Smaller room and audiophile go vanatoo. Bigger room or just want fun then the fives might be “enough.” I wish the fives could have hit the vanatoo price mark which in all reality is just incredible but I don’t regret sending the t1e’s back and waiting for something I find to be more fun and versatile for me.

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So the feature kinda works like AV amplifiers “Dynamic EQ”.
Maybe not as good/well since no room measuring but similarly.
“Corrects the frequency response in consideration of the audio characteristics of the room and human hearing ability so that sound can be heard even at low volume.”

Would imagine they sound decent at any level, specially with TV usage.
With those type of features there are areas, they don’t sound so natural anymore. With music you will notice plenty of differences.

I have a device that can adjust the levels based on volume. The RME ADI 2 has a feature that puts the FR in a deep V shape at low volumes (where it as most effective) and then flattens it as you go to higher volumes. This sounds similar. It’s actually quite a useful feature for when you have guests and want dynamic music at low volumes.

Most receivers used to call this loudness setting or night listening, but it basically is working with the equal loudness contour