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Right. Receivers have had that feature FO-evah. I remember my dad having a big silver receiver monstrosity with VU meters that had “loudness.”.

The ADI-2 instruction manual makes a big deal about how they digitally adjust the loudness curve with the volume. I don’t know if other devices do this too, but the ADI 2 manual talks about it like they were reinventing the wheel, lol.

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I really wish more modern preamps and integrateds had loudness and tone control tbh, just simple things that can be more pleasing

It’s quite nice at low levels. Or even moderate levels when I am trying to show off my speakers to non audiophiles. Those folks tend to like the V shape. Hence Kplisch’s success. :joy::joy::grin:



Yes @M0N I’m copying you, it’s you who taught me what the Fletcher-Munson curve was. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That could be called brainwashing or marketing also. “You just received a good H job - how about some blowing”.
My amp also has this feature but im not using it, cause good speakers. :wink:

I’m going into a housing situation where my floor standing speakers and other home theater stuff just won’t fit. It’ll be a year before I can consider another setup so I’ve been interviewing soundbars while my Ariel 10ts are being garaged.

I’m super stoked to find a way to use ARC with what seems like a decent speaker. I think I could wall mount these next to the tv and be happy for the next year.

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Woah! Got these in today and they produce WAY more bass than they have any business producing. In many ways this is great because I have no intention of getting a sub. But man does it throw the balance off in certain scenarios. Definitely good enough to keep me happy for the next year, and there’s a chance klipsch comes out with an eq for these in their app that sounds more reasonable.

Also if you try to send them signal through arc that is Dolby digital surround they just play nothing. So I had to set my apple to to downgrade everything to stereo, not a huge compromise but something to look out for. Happy to have these over a sound bar any day.

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Interesting. Zeos seems to really like these. I’m not a fan that he keeps repeating the price. But his impressions reinforce my decision so I agree :laughing:

DSP with these and their connectivity to the app opens them up to get even better, which is astounding.

Over the last few days there have been a few scenarios where I just start laughing at these because these speakers have no business sounding as big as they do. They deliver more mid bass than my full range ariels. My wife looks at me like I’m crazy. But these have such an aggressive low end delivery I can’t believe it every time I hear it.


The Sixes looks soo much better.
And having the controls on the top of the Fives feels like a total brain fart.

I think the fives are not meant for desktop use. I hear the complaints about the controls. They’re clearly for a tv stand type of setup. For that it makes sense. Especially since they have hdmi(arc).

Weird how personal controls can be. To me, for the fives, the only control that matters is ARC. Everything else is something other speakers do better. But no other speaker afaik does this. So there’s just no comparison, none.

Could you get the same performace from a AVR and RP500m ?

In close future there will be more.
Trend will moves that way and soundbar’s have a foothold in the field.
Space is still Ace they have but if 2 speakers will much better sound and simple and easy HDMI ARC connection for controls. Size might not be that critical in sound first situation.
Household / WAF might change but but. Since one has done it, there will be more.

They got sub crossover thats a big one, along with hdmi to use the tv remote.

Anything involving an AVR defeats the purpose of these. If you have space for a receiver, that opens up a lot more possibilities.

In my case, for the next year at least, everything has to be wall mounted. For many the SOAF of this makes it a clear alternative to a sound bar.

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Aren’t these rear ported, you probably wouldn’t want to wall mount them.

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Could you solve that problem with room correction ?

I don’t have much of a choice here. I think it’ll be fine, just need the right mounts

The port is pretty open and “widens” nicely, might not cause big issues?
Still, would be nice to know how the sound changes and how volume adjusting correction would work, while moving the speaker closer <-> farther. How the effect would be with bass/midrange.
Speaker with more professional DSP, can be very close to wall.

Does anyone know or has looked inside to figure out what DAC is used in The Fives?

This has turned out quite well imo. These have a pretty big room to fill which reduces the heavy bass a bit. The distance from the wall doesn’t seem to be an issue. Really wide sounding, imaging is decent.

Best of all, nothin in reach of little hands.

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