Korean Music List

Yezi (FIESTAR, Unpretty Rapstar S2) - No Name

After over a year, Hong Jin Young is back (this song also has an English version)

And after 5 years, PSY has released a full album. The title track is That That (feat. SUGA of BTS) but one of my favorites from the album is “Now” (이제는) (feat. Hwasa of MAMAMOO). It’s a cover of Seoul Family - 이제는 (1987) which is based on Jermaine Jackson, Pia Zadora - When the Rain Begins to Fall (1984).


check out instant pig by clazziquai, it’s my favourite korean album I’ve found so far


Song Gain - 월하가약 (Promise Under the Moon)

Im Chang Jung - 나는 트로트가 싫어요 (I Hate Trot)
A fun song by Im Chang Jung with a title very similar to Song Gain’s 트로트가 나는 좋아요 (I Like Trot)

machìna - your garden (feat. DR of IDIOTAPE)
The original version doesn’t have the live drum accompaniment.

KARD’s latest comeback:

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