Korean Music List

This song’s been stuck in my head for a week now:

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Jay Park - Love Is Ugly (feat. Hwasa (MAMAMOO))
live version

똘갱스 (TTGS) - 제비노정기
TTGS reinterprets an excerpt from the pansori Heungbu-ga. The song follows a swallow’s journey through southern China and return to Heungbu’s house. More info about original song including some other performances here.

Wendy (Red Velvet) & Melomance - 안부 (Miracle)

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KARD - Without You

YEEUN (CLC) - Cherry Coke

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Soyou (SISTAR) - 우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지 (Farewell Everyday)

David Yong - 아마도 우린 (Maybe Love) (feat. Moonbyul of MAMAMOO)

Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz) - 하루 세 번 하늘을 봐 (Daydreaming)

Dreamcatcher’s latest comeback. Not my favourite but it’s solid:

My favourite song from the mini album:

KARD’s latest comeback:

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Kim A Reum - 그런 사이 (Something)

Ha Hyun Sang - 시간과 흔적 (Time and Trace)

Song Sohee - Infodemics (with Lee Ilwoo from JAMBINAI)

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김아름 𝗞𝗶𝗺 𝗔 𝗥𝗲𝘂𝗺 - 아름다운 도시 (𝗕𝗲𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗖𝗶𝘁𝘆)

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Some trot (or trot-inspired) songs

Kang Hyeyeon (EXID, BESTie) - 아이야 (iya)

Sungmin (Super Junior) - 사랑이 따끔 (Lovesick)

Jang Hyeri (Girl’s Day) - 가시버시

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A fun song from Stella Jang:

Latest release from GyeongseoYeji:

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Gummy - 헤어질 결심 (Decision to leave)

Kang Daniel - SOS

Performance version (without cinematic SFX)

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Can’t wait for there next official release, but in the meantime:

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StarryWave’s new release:

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DINDIN - 이런 사랑 하지 마세요 (Love, but not like this) (feat. Tei)
MV version

Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) & Kim Yuna (Jaurim) - ENDWALKER - Footfalls (Final Fantasy XIV) (orig. Sam Carter, Masayoshi Soken and THE PRIMALS)

One of the members plays the geomungo

can anyone tell me or point me to similar korean music having the same tempo?

(I’m not sure what aspects of similarity you care about so here are some suggestions according to @nxtzh’s criteria)
Closest tempo:
SUNMI - 열이올라요 (Heart Burn)
A little bit slower:
Heize - 없었던 일로 (Undo)
IU - Lilac

If you care more about tempo than style

ALICE - Dance On
IVE - After Like
Apink - 1도 없어 (I’m So Sick)

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Thank you soooo much.

선우정아 (sunwoojunga/swja) - 싸움 (Love War)

The Rose - Back To Me

HYNN - 너에게로 (Europa)


Some songs with unusual MV concepts

NANOMAL - 우주미아 (Space Missing)
NANOMAL (나노말) is also known as 나의노랑말들 or My Yellow Poney (sic.)

Ahn Ye Eun - 홍련 / 紅蓮 / HONGRYEON (see also 208)
Loosely based on this folktale

U-KNOW (TVXQ) - NEXUS (preview of mini-album “Reality Show”)
The A.I. “SARAH” is played by Karina from aespa

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The k-music I’m looking forward to right now is the solo album from Kim Taehyung (aka V) of BTS. I expect R&B, possibly jazz, hopefully even classical. Probably not classical though, but I’m just hoping since he’s into classical as well.

V’s mini-album is released…

V (BTS) - Slow Dancing

Kim Sejeong (gugudan) - Top or Cliff
MV version

Heize & Jung Seung Hwan - 언젠간 괜찮아질 이야기 (It’ll Pass)