Koss 95X Immersive Detail Monster Monsters

I’ve heard a lot of headphones called detail monsters. The Hifiman Sundara, Sendy Aiva’s, Focal Elex. Those headphones arent detail monsters, the Koss 95X is a detail monster.

When i first ordered it, it was on sale for 400$ with a Zeos coupon for 100$ off. Even then i thought “what are you doing?” I had the Sendy Aiva’s and the Focal Elex. 600$ and 700$ dollar headphones, critically acclaimed. How can it get better than that? Their gonna leave the Koss 95X in the dust. I was so so wrong.

I held off trying them. when i first got them i was not impressed. They were so light. build seemed lame in all plastic. I tried the Grace SDAC Balanced on them through the unbalanced 3.5 port, it distorted badly. So i plugged them directly into the computer and to my relief they worked fine. Ok probably something to do with the Grace DAC. I tried listening to them and i was underwhelmed. I also had played 80’s Simple Minds New Gold Dream and they sounded thin and treble too high.

I finally got my Schiit Modi DAC today from repair. I Always wondered if external 100$ DAC’s where really needed. well today i no longer doubt it. I plugged it into my Koss energizer and started listening to the other tracks on my Simple Minds playlist. WOW. I noticed details that i had not with the Aivas and the Elex. The sound was more immersive. They call these “Earspeakers” I thought it was pretentious. It is not.

I dont know if it’s the size of the drivers or the electrostatic technology but it did remind me of listening to speakers. The sound was bigger and inside it i heard detail and quality to the sound that wasn’t there before. Its a joy to hear the full nuance in the sounds in the music and the decay of those sounds that i had not got in the other headphones. Even the Aiva’s and Elex.

I’m so impressed with these headphones but they do have a lot of treble and not a lot of Bass. I feel like there’s somethings the Aiva’s and Elex handle better, though i cannot explain what. But i feel like i inadvertently bought the best headphones i’ve heard so far. I was thinking of the next headphones to aim for. After Zeos review of the ZMF Aeolus i wanted to go for those. Ah-uh! I’m going for the Stax L700.

Buts thats way in the future. For now i’m gonna thoroughly enjoy my Koss 95x.


Very cool impressions.
It hasn’t been super high priority for me personally, but definitely very interested in the Koss 95x. It’s currently still running for $400 too.

Pretty dang good for the price, and the compression emphasizes detail so it’s easier to hear

thanks. yeah Zeos recommended them. electrostats are known for their detail. Stax are legendary for this. Zeos said that the Koss 95X are on par or better than the entree level Stax L300. I’m sure he said this but i cant find it in the videos. maybe he took it out lol

compression? where? on the headphones or the DAC?

I would agree with this for sure. I personally would rather have the 95x over the l300 system or l500 system imo

The headphones are somewhat compressed and push everything forward and it’s easier to hear the quieter details you haven’t heard before on stuff like the elex, because it’s something you would have had to listen harder to hear because of the dynamic range

If they are still round $400 when I get my next paycheck, I may order a pair to try out. Looking at ‘sold’ listings on Ebay, looks like they go pretty easily for around $400. Someone sold one for $250 this past month… ><;

I think their a great pick for anyone looking to try some estats. Also a pretty good value when you consider it also comes with something to power the headphones, where if you got a sundara for example you would still want to get an amp to go along with it

I can’t wait to try these out! The only thing freaking me out is the descriptions that make it sound much like my Beyer T5P.2’s.

Now, it’s the waiting game…

Shane D

It should be different enough imo, as actually I would say the 95x’s treble actually isn’t as extended as you think

They should be easy enough to resell. Even if you don’t like them, shouldn’t be an issue.

I hope you are right. I would describe the Beyer’s as thin and lots of treble. I absolutely respect the clean, crisp, clear sound. However, I don’t love them.

Yeah, you might just have to spend a couple days with the koss and see if it suits your needs (or replace your beyers perhaps

I am hoping they just fit into my system as a cool option. If they are somewhat similar to my Beyer’s then maybe I can trade the Beyer’s for used Cascade’s or Elex’s.

That would be pretty good. I would say the 95x would fit into most people’s systems nicely tbh as long as they didn’t have an estat already

I like variety. I can see my end system consisting of a tube amp, an SS amp and an electro static amp. And then two pairs of closed back, two pairs of open back and one electrostatic set.
And I have already have the DAP and the DAC (until they break).

I am somewhat there now but just making some changes between now and next summer.

There you go, something for almost every situation. Do you see yourself trying some nice iems?

I hate iem’s. Can NOT get comfortable with them. They always fall out and I have gone through a ton of different tips. Custom may work, but I don’t have the urge.

Ah, yeah fit can make or break it lol