🔶 KOSS ESP/95x

This is the official thread for the KOSS ESP/95x. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp Included
  • Open Back

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This or Stax 2170?

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I would go with the 95x, because of the better bass performance, better build, and more natural timbre. If you liked a more airy sound, the stax system might be up your alley

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I’ve been using the same pair of Austrian Q701s for the past 8 years, would these be a worthwhile upgrade? I reached nirvana in the speaker realm when i moved to electrostats so i’m hoping smaller stats will be close to as nice in the headphone/earspeaker sector, but i’m finding it tough to get a demo of any in my area . Thank you!

The 95x is a great value and probably the best choice under 1k for an all rounder estat unless you tap into the used market. They are great all rounders and don’t really have any glaring flaws. Also pretty comfortable as well. Not as wide as the akg’s though

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I love my pair of 95x. I agree with Zeos they are the most affordable and just plain sound good headphones (earspeakers) for the $$ for electrostatics. I later bought the Monoprice electro static earspeakers with rechargable Energizer and they don’t have the sound quality of the kids but for portability and price $350 they are great. Thanks Zeos for your reviews and hard work.

Thank you very much, I’m sold!

Just curious, what are your current speakers?

I have four pairs, all acoustats. I have monitor IVs, model threes, model X’s and 6’s in storage. I’m using heavily modified red medallion interfaces with cmods etc, but have a pair of modified servo charge amps for when I can be bothered (they need to be monitored so they don’t get too hot and are not very cat friendly). The IVs are what I use most days :slight_smile: if you can get a demo of any of the previously mentioned models with servo amps or modded interfaces you absolutely should, as clean as ML Cls’s but without the same panel issues (and power thirst)

I haven’t heard anyone acoustat them in a while, pretty nice speakers :+1:

Sounds like a great setup

I’ve heard 1+1’s and they were pretty nice

Oh bud, if you though the 1+1’s were pretty nice you’ll legit be blown away by the others. I heard 1+1s as my first pair of Acoustats and was initially turned off by electrostats as a whole. I listened to some maggie timpanis, Maggie 2.7rs, ML ClS’s and a few different infinity setups (gamma and some IRS V’s) before arriving at a ranch home in broad ripple indianapolis, filled with electrostats. I was then demo’d the monitor IV’s on custom servos. My wallet couldn’t be emptied fast enough. I really need to sort my listening room out (getting ready to move) but if you are ever in Indiana you’ll have to come hear some of the beefier Acoustats!

I wish I had space for bigger speakers, right now I mainly only have bookshelf setups, but they work well for me. I typically don’t like estat speakers because of their strange timbre, and I haven’t heard an estat that can overcome that for me yet. I will have to check out some monitor iv’s when I get the chance