🔶 Koss KPH 40 Utility

This is the official thread for the KOSS KPH 40 UTILITY

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: ON EAR
  • Amp needed: NO
  • Open Back

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So I totally didn’t see this coming out… no idea what to expect but it looks like Koss used that meme stock money for survival!!!


Ha! Looks like what we’ve been doing, putting the ksc75 on a parts express headband. :wink:

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Is it the ksc75 or the porta pro driver though?

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No, different drivers believe (they sound very different).


@DagoRed Now I’m curious. Different how?

Different good???

It’s been talked about, basically look up people talking about the ksc75, kph30, and porta pro. The most “audiophile” out of the 3 is the ksc75.


For crying out loud, what is with Koss and Grado and their dumb attached cables?
And this is particularly stupid, it would have been so easy to just make it a 2.5mm connector from the beginning and negate this whole stupid system…

At this point, I think Koss and Grado just hate humanity -


At least Koss can justify it being really cheap, Grado… no excuse.


I can live with it being 50 instead of 40 hell they can double the price and it would still outclass a lot of headphones but why do they insist on making it this way is just mind bogling

I know the ksc and the porta have different drivers, was asking if the utility has one of those or a new one (kph30i and sporta pro are just the porta pro driver for example)

It seems to me that it uses the same drivers as the sporta pro, ksc35 and kph30i; which in turn are identical to the porta pro with the difference that the former are black and the porta pro are blue. The difference in sound between the kph and the porta is due to the small foam sheet behind the driver in the kph. If you remove that foam, they sound exactly the same. They are use the same driver.

So these seem to be just some porta pro drivers in a new headband with the cable thing.

That’s nice, they sound pretty unique and it’s more than just the the foam on them. Regardless, I’ll end up getting the kph40 just out of curiosity when it’s back in stock and I’ll pick up a dongle too JUST because why not?


If only they supported balanced cables with the utility series we’d be set.

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Is the 2.5mm connection not trrs? I might be missing something but wouldn’t a 2.5 to 2.5 or 2.5 to 4.4 cable work to give these a balanced connection?

I don’t know what you’re talking about, the headphone does not have 2.5 anything, only 3.5 mm.