Koss KPH30i or KSC75 or Porta Pros?

I need some small portable headphones that arent iems. Zeos Talks about the Koss KPH30i, KSC75 and Porta Pros a lot. Which ones have the best sound quality?

Apparently there’s already a graph for you, and… well, they’re quite similar!

I would avoid the KSC75 only because of the damn clip.
I would take PortaPros if you want headphones and a “legend” at the same time.
Kph30is if you want “sleepers” that nobody will steal because they look like dollar store headphones? :stuck_out_tongue:


oh no you couldnt be more wrong. I can see from this graph that the Porta Pros are the best. :yum:

The ksc75 is the most detailed in the treble out of the bunch

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Having both the PortaPro and the KPH30i, I’d say that the KPH30i has the superior sound signature. The main advantage that the PortaPro have over the KPH30i is the fact that they fold up, which you cannot do with the KPH30i.

I don’t dislike the PortaPro for their sound quality (which is really quite good), but putting the two against each other recently with a coworker, we both agreed the KPH30i had a better sound signature.

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if i got these i would need to do the headband mod. does anyone know which headband these are compatible with?

having the KPH30i and KSC75…I would recommend the PortaPro’s as neither of those are very comfortable.

I like the kph30i sound, it’s fantastic. I honestly don’t find them uncomfortable. I think it depends on head size etc. I have worn mine for an extended period of time while listening to music while gaming. Still boggles my mind that they sounded as good as they do.

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Lol yeah, most koss products you would not expect to sound good by looks and price, but they do surprise

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I love the sound of both my sets…but the KPH30i sucks to have on when you’re laying down and the KSC75’s ear loops, at least in my case, keep the headphones from being centered for best sound. I have to buy that headphone and then swap the 75’s drivers to it. cheap in the US, but in Canada the darned things cost $12 with free shipping. that’s better than the $2.50 set with freight out of the US. :stuck_out_tongue:

KSC75: All the hassle of IEMs, none of the benefits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Koss excels at small light headphones that sound great. Ive been buying them all my life lol. the last ones i had where the KTXPRO1 which sounded pretty good. but i still want a full size great headphone from them. the ones ive bought have never been good. Ironic

Esp95X :no_mouth: lol

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yeah but it took massdrop to make those great lol

i saw a guy last night on youtube modify the KCS75’s lol. he drilled holes in the plastic diffuser for more base, then he got a gasket from home depot that fit perfectly and glued it to the diffuser, then he cut a quarter size hole in the pads. then he put the headband on. wow:

Wow no love for the 75s I see lol. I personally enjoy them the most because I use them when my hair is wet after a shower lol. Don’t want to get full size headphones wet and don’t want imprints on my hair lol


well M0N, if they fit well and comfortably, something’s wrong with the dimensions of your head.

that said, I like their sound, once centered…just keeping them there is the difficult part. :frowning:

For me the only uncomfortable part is having the metal come in contact with my ears. Since there’s no clamp, I find no issue there. I really don’t find them uncomfortable, especially not when compared to the porta pros, those thing eat hairs all day. Lol

theres a mod for that

My review of the KPH30i, I’m sure everything has likely been covered here before though.

Review of the Koss KPH30i headphones https://tlrtechnology.com/2019/10/22/koss-kph30i-review-hifi-audio-value-redefined/