🔶 Koss KPH30i

This is the official thread for the Koss KPH30i. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • On Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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They may be magical, I just can’t do on ear pads I’m afraid.

Will I be able to pull these off on a plane/public bus even though they’re open back? These seem awesome for portable use

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Bus yes, but plane you might get looks. I did the Porta-Pros and the lady next to me said they didn’t even hear them. Im certainly going to wear them in public.


eager to see you test it on JDS atom

I did the Porta-Pros and the lady next to me said they didn’t even hear them. Im certainly going to wear them in public.

Yeah but she was wearing dt770 pro’s lol

I basically bought a pair as a beater unit - I love my Momentum Wireless 2.0, but I wanted something that was more of a beater for commuting.

Has anyone tested this with the ES100? Seems like that would make a very interesting combination…

Why would you get looks on a plane? They pretty much look like the free headphones they give you on a plane. You should be worried more they might think your stealing them off the plane.


definitely sticking to my t3’s for public use but will definitely be getting a pair to try out for my bbq, cooking and baking sessions. I love my ksc 75’s but they are falling apart

give the CL 10 a try you might really like them based on this review. whether you wil like them or not is up to you pretty sure you can get yaxi pads for them too

Teardown for cable mod. All snap together. 1st simple mod… Pull the backing foam. Discuss.


I bought these and the es100 together because the price dropped. Excellent combination.

I bought two pair so I could experiment with a cable mod with the one and if I [email protected]#k up I have one good working set.

Seems silly to plug these into my RME ADI 2, but that’s my plan tonight.

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I needed a good pair of portable headphones, so I literally just bought a pair of Porta Pros for around the same price last night, but thankfully hadn’t ordered the yaxi pads yet. I just bought these and I’ll compare them before I send one of them back.

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I listen to my ksc 75’s on the RME, they sound great and I EQ them a bit. I really like the ksc 75, but I’ve been meaning to try the porta pros so I may grab these instead.

I just got the RME yesterday, last night I had the Neumanns plugged in from the time I got it setup on my desk until I went to bed. My God what a combo. Tonight will be the Koss

Just watched the review. Immediately knew which headphones to buy for my daughter to bring to 1st grade. I’ll be breaking them in first :smile:


I havent been able to try them because they cost 60$ + tax and shipping in canada… thats not exactly cheap…

I own a pair of Urbanears Plattan 2 that i use exclusively at work as i would never use my better heardphones there. Aside from the on ear discomfort sometimes, the thicker pads are ok for 39$ at Indigo book store.

Listening now. So far so good. Sound great. IMG_20190718_110112|666x500