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This is the official thread for the Koss Porta-Pro. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Yaxi pads recommended


even if these are cheap i still love them.

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ordered yesterday the yaxi pads because of this review:

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wanted them since years as cheap Plan B, Plan C or whatever- this evening i give them a listening session

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I’ve got so much love for these headphones. Still haven’t found a sound signature I like more than these.


These are a definite step up in comfort for the Porta Pros. Maybe I just don’t have very discerning ears, but I didn’t notice any change in the sound. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing. I think the treble roll off on the Porta Pros is perfect.


Personally, I think that with a little EQ the PortaPros are decent sounding headphones. I think that the KOSS KSC75s really hit it out of the park though with price to performance, more so than the PortaPros.

so I tried them with my testsongs on stationary and mobile Dac/Amps - I can undestand the love.

My wifes taste is darker and warmer sounding stuff - more base and earlier rolled of treble is her thing.
She likes them better. I gave her my Fiio BT3 and she will have fun. She also uses Marshall Mid BT as closed back solution and loves it.
I prefer my bigger cans with brighter Sound(like Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro) and IEMs(Tin Audio T2 Pro), but love the 80s design. Can´t wait to test the ordered orange Yashi pads.

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The KSC75 definitely has more detail and more presence in the treble, if that’s what you’re looking for! For my tastes it leaves it sounding kind of thin and a little sharp, especially in direct comparison with the Porta Pros.


maybe I give the KSC75 a try next time I buy something at Amazon

Thanks for that tips on the yaxi pad

I like that they work for both KSC75 and the Porta Pro

I also have the standard and Massdrop editions.
Gotta catch 'em all!


These headphones were the ones that brought me into the headphone game. I was straight to speakers only. After asking one of my colleagues at the office to try them as they were looking old fashioned and cheap, I was pretty shocked with the sound that I bought my first pair the next day. Owning 2 now, I am a big fan of their sound signature and I wish one day to find a speaker sounding like these… Great value, so enjoyable full bodied sound!


I bought the Gold last year. Love the bling! Seriously, they are gorgeous. Also have the classic and Black. Might pick up the Mass Drop version for the dark ring. The classics were my first venture into better sounding headphones. Still Love the warm sound these produce.


Not a huge fan of the ksc75, they sound a bit sharp and metallic, I would get something else if I was feigning for treble detail. However I love the Porta Pros. I snapped off the Porta Pro headband and attached the ksc75 clips to them. Now they fit in my pocket, perfect for on the go. I also have yaxi pads, much more plush now.


Yup. I have the KSC75 too. They’re bright, sound as clear as light (ehm… yes it’s a line from another brand – ESS), but lack bass. Buying the PortaPros soon, confident they’ll sound good all around.

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Thanks @AriBeristain , I LOVE these news pads. I was skeptical on whether these would alter the sound, I ordered for comforts sake. These delivered on all fronts. Opened up the highs a bit and are extremely comfortable. I ordered a pair for my sons Porta Pros. Right away he said that they sounded clearer!

I highly recommend.


Yeah idk tin t2 are to bright for me with stock tips I would say going back to the ksc75 it actually has more sound stage and bass it sounds so pleasant to my ears. So yeah if you don’t like a flat boring sound don’t get the tin t2, doesn’t mean I don’t like themnit’s just that they are boring to listen to but with the right tips in my opinion it sounds better than the stock.

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I’ve had a pair of Porta-Pros for going on 10 years. I just got Yaxi pads for them and I’m having some trouble with fit. The new pads may be thick enough to push harder against my ears regardless, but the temple pads have also likely compacted over time. I saw in one review (I think it was unrelated to this particular headphone?) that Z had added a little something to the temple pads to help take the pressure off the Yaxi’s. Anybody remember what that was or know of another fix?