🔶 Koss Porta-Pro

If anyone is is looking for decent alternate pads, these Sennheiser ones fit well. Though they’re ugly as hell lol. The Yaxi pads I had started deteriorating after less than a couple years of infrequent use.


you will need to put the yaxi pad or something baggy pads first then you can put Grado pads

My family got me this for my birthday - Bluetooth porta pro… Liking it alot! Sounds pretty great for bluetooth! I use a porta pro headset daily and love it for both work calls and games and listening to music, but this is nice wireless… super portable and looks simple and lightweight, sounds great without wires…

The only issue with this that I have tried it is that those two bars - the vcontrol bar and bluetooth receiver bar look a bit wierd handing off the headset if dangling straight down… They look like wierd black plastic earings lol… I saw some people attach them to the headset with velcro… They could work on the design of this to make the bars less conspicuous… I think putting the cable behind the head helps, thinking to add a small cable clip that lets it wrap snug behind the head so they are out of the way could work…


Koss PortaPros “mini-review” : So you want smoothness.

Koss PortaPros are smooth. First, they’re legendary, but they’re not “endgame”. If you already got an amp and dac, I don’t think I would recommend em for you. You want more than that. That is, more treble, more detail everywhere. But, they’re called PortaPros. Portability. When you don’t carry your big amp and big dac with you, these make every “lo-fi” source sound better.

Straight into smartphones, for example. All the “grit” and “thinness” and lack of bass of cheap DACs and amps just… disappears. It’s like you don’t hear that half of the bits aren’t there (lol) but PortaPros just do a bridge made of honey over it. PortaPros are not detailed (and why would you want portable and detailed headphones outside when there’s noise everywhere), but the lack of detail is just exchanged for smoothness. Every dac/amp that sounds thin, flat, or got too much treble or sibilance, with this, sounds smooth. Sounds better. Way better.

There’s a lot of bass, and a quite incredible amount of sub-bass, for open-back on-ear “disposable-like and library-like” headphones. Mids are also great and very “full”, especially for the price. Again, you don’t feel like you’re listening to “lo-fi” sources when you use these. If you want sparkly, energetic treble, look elsewhere. These got… none of it. But this means you won’t hear any sibilance whatsoever with these, even with the most horrible sound recordings.

Are these boring, then? No, not at all. No energy in the treble means that after a day of work, you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the music you want without ever being “annoyed”, electronic music included. But it also means you can headbang and enjoy the bass/drum kicks of everything energetic for hours.

Then you get home and think about all the money you spent in dacs, amps, possibly tube amps and headphones, to have that level of smoothness, fullness, or just, that level of appreciation for music. And you realize why PortaPros are still praised today.

P.S.: Thinking about all that, the PortaPros wireless are now in my cart. And these apparently got a bit more treble.


Added yaxi pads on them:


I recently covered my impressions of the Porta Pro on my YT channel.

Not to sound like others, but these are such a smooth and relaxing listen. I was shocked at the amount of bass and lower mids you get from these. True these are pretty void of treble energy, but I still love the sound. 60ohm means you can drive them off of amps as well which is pretty exciting!

I’ve enjoyed them so much I went and bought a set of the KPH40 and KSC75 to do some comparisons. I also ordered 3 more sets of the Porta Pros off of drop when they had them for just 29.99 each. The Yaxi pads are an absolute must in my opinion, but I’ve seen plenty of other pad options as well.

Lastly, if you enjoy gaming (immersive gaming not competitive) then these will do very well! They have decent imaging and stage for such a budget package.

Here’s my full impression video but a few fun photos too!