Kz iems good or bad?

Has anyone used the kz iems they look nice and lots like them. But what do u guys think?

Not bad for the price, but for the higher end kzs you might as well just get tin t2s. The kz zsn or zsn pro is great for workout or where you are going to be worried about damage to higher end iems

Ordered the KZ ZS10 Pros, I’ll have them in one week probably. :slight_smile:

I did not want the 10khz peak of the Tin T2…

Understandable, I didn’t notice it too much, so it doesn’t bother me, but someone else I know didn’t like them for that reason as well.

for the price they are great my only gripe with them is the fact that they don’t use mmcx cables. especially the zs n and the zs10 but I agree with with @M0N that if i were to get the higher end kz’s might as well get the TIn hifi one’s.

Completely forgot about those, I’ve heard there pretty good. I’m actually not bothered with the 2 pin connectors because of the influx of good, cheap chifi cables that are compatible. Honestly I wish there were as good chifi cables for headphones, since some of those cheaper iem cables are really great

I had the tin t3 and I did not like them sent them back k lol to siblint

Cool! Might order the zsn or the zs10 been wanting one with good instrument separation.

the t3 sibilance for me were fixed by getting comply tips with the foam filters. the sound great now.

See I tried that but they still sounded like a tin can. Even tried to eq them to no avail.

I much prefer the T2 to the T3 because of that very reason. Honestly I was expecting better when I heard the T3 and the T2 pro, but I thought that the T2 was just better than both

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Mmmm might have to order those and try them.

I recommend ZST and ES4 all the time for stage IEMs to musicians that don’t have custom fitted ones yet. They do sound good enough for personal listening, but Tin T2 is the better choice for when you’re not standing next to a drummer. The KZs sit deeper in your ears and are easier to put in than T2.

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Thanks! I’ll do some looking at those.

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Z reviewed the ZS10s today:

But everyone in the comments appear to prefer the ZS10 Pros. Annnd I got them yesterday!
My review of the ZS10 Pros:

Basically convinced me not to buy them cause I have tiny ear holes

Hmm. ZS10 Pros are smaller (6m10):

i have the ZSN and ZS10 Pro, it’s okay for rough commute use, but falls flat when on a serious note

To each their own I guess, I got HD58X two weeks before my KZ ZS10 Pros, and right now… I’m looking at songs in my playlist to re-discover with the KZ… with my phone even.

There’s just something special about detailed IEMs, for me… I got them for 35$US, and I feel like they’re worth 100$US.

Zeos is talking about Koss cheap headphones saying “these are god-tier”… Nope. For me, the ZS10 Pros are god-tier.