🔶 KZ ZEX Pro Tribrid

This is the official thread for the KZ ZEX Pro

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Diver Type: 1 Estat 1 DD and 1 BA

:red_circle: KZ Link


Z Reviews…


ZEX vs ZES Pro: KZ ZEX Pro – KZ Headphones vs KZ ZEX – KZ Headphones.

Looks like they just added a BA? Interesting…hopefully someone will review the Pro soon!

And the XUN (used in the DQ6 for example) driver (DD):



It amazes me how much tech they can shove into a shell for 39 USD…

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There is a early bird discount that puts it at 22 usd here:


God dang it…I might bite. Who else??


I might, and I already have the CCA NRA in house + the KZ ZEX en route… :smiley:

. . . must resist… :smiley:


I… Bought it hahaha.

I’m thinking of selling my Mele so I can keep up the pretence of a minimalist lol

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Screw it, so did I … :smiley:

If/when I’m selling I’ll start with what I bought first around a Year (or was it two? who’s keeping track? first one was the T2 after watching the ZReview of it) or so ago and work my way “up”… :slight_smile:

I’ve got 30+ some IEMs (most are budget ones) and they don’t all get “ear time”.

EDIT: I ordered the T2 2020-02-21… :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of IEMs!

I bought the ZEX Pro to test a tribrid - I have heard DD, planar, and hybrid sounds so far, and I’m curious to hear what else is new when electret drivers are added to the mix.

Let’s see who gets their ZEX Pro first :joy:


Yeah, it’s a bit “much”… :smiley:

Jup, the race is on, again…! :smiley:

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A tribrid for less than 40€, this is really tempting.
No review for now, so I could be a pioneer.
The graph scare me a little though. That seems really v-shaped…

Oh come on, you only live once, I click!


Join us!

Also, can you share the graph? Is it from KZ? Not sure I trust manufacturer’s graphs…

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Here it is:

That’s the kz’s official graph.
When I look at it more seriously, the mid-bass isn’t emphasized, and even a little recessed compared to sub-bass and mids… W shaped, then? We’ll see :thinking:


Thank you! Since the graph from KZ, I’m going to withhold my judgment until I actually hear the IEM or until a third party reviewer graphs it.
Speaking of reviewers - surely someone has the ZEX Pro sitting in the pile of IEMs waiting to be reviewed??


Nah, check the Y-axis. The bass elevation is only 4db@20hz and 5db@2,5khz.

BUT, this is KZ graphs…so dont trust them…

(just take a look at their other iems that have been graphed on squiglink compared to their own graphs.)


In comparison with upcoming CRA, ZEXPro, and DQ6


I missed the coupon part when I bought this from the kz store (still discovering some AliExpress tricks).I was lucky kz is not as swift as Amazon: the order was not prepared or anything, so I have been able to cancel it, and then order again, with the coupon this time! :sweat_smile:


Aliexpress isnt slow, its so you can cancel it if you want to. :wink:

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This is the first review (that I know of at least)
One disclaimer is that KZ sponsored him, so yeah, maybe some bias. However, it is the first review so might be helpful.

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