KZ ZS10 PRO or the Tin T2?

I am looking forward to buying my first IEMs. I’ve set my budget to around 50 USD.

The ZS 10 PROs and the Tin T2s seem as the only options in the budget (thanks to the Zeos reviews). I mostly listen to rap music, so I don’t know which option would be better for me.

Which one would be better for me? Are there any other great IEMs in this price-point?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have experience with the ZS 10 PROs. I own the Tin T2 per Zeos’ recommendation. If you could find your way to my home, I would happily give them to you.

Don’t take my advise, but the Tin T2 is the worst IEM I’ve ever heard. I could never get the tips to stay in my ears. It turned me off to IEMs until I took a chance on the Moondrop Starfield.

If you want my recommendation for the best IEM at a ridiculously low price, get the Blon BL-03.

Blon’s with upgraded cables.

Oh ok, I’ve seen those before, they get a lot of praise also. What cable would you recommend?

Check out this thread.

2 pins will work, but on the Blon, they stick way out and can be uncomfortable. These upgrade cables have the unique connector that comes on the Blon cable, so they work the way the Blon was originally intended. They took a while to ship from Aliexpress though but they are the nicest cables I’ve found for the Blon. The stock cable is pretty bad. You don’t need to change the cable especially if they are going to be beaters.

A very well known IEM You Tube reviewer has the Blon ranked in his S tier…

Other personal recommendations would be the IBasso IT00 (but some have had channel imbalance issues including myself). The Moondrop Starfield. I want to recommend the Urbanfun but can’t because of QC issues.

what type of music do you listen to?

Thanks for the thread and the tier list, man. I think I´ll be buying them. Thanks!

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Mostly rap (Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye etc.)

then between the zs10 pro or t2 the zs10 pro would be a better pcik for that flavour of music, but I also listen to hip hop as well, and personally my favorite IEM at this price point for that kind of music right now are the guideray GRI 58 usually around $30

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I bought the BLONs earlier today, thanks for the advice!

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Congrats. I hope you enjoy them.