Lake People HPA RS 02

Lake People HPA RS 02


Been hearing a lot of good things about this amp. Anyone heard it? The Lake People company is the high end arm of German company Violectric. Retailing for 650$

Oddly i cant find this amp on the Lake People website but there is other amps like it. Is this discontinued and replaced?

They sell their amps through the company CMA Audio:

Headphonia review:

Headphonia top headphone amps. The only list ive seen with the Sp200:

I thought violectric was the higher end brand of lake people, but I could be wrong

The lake people stuff is very solid in general. They just have very refined sound to me, nothing that jumps out but does everything pretty well

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How does it compare to the RNHP?

I haven’t heard this specific model so I really can’t say

I have heard the HPA RS 08 and with that, I think the rs08 is more detail forward and higher resolving, but I don’t think it’s as natural sounding as the rnhp, but I do think it powers planar better. Personally for me I have yet to find a replacement for the rnhp for studio use. I do prefer the vio stuff to the lake people amps imo though in tuning, but for studio I would most likely go with lake people (possibly)

I many actually sell my gsx mk2 for a Niimbus US4+ though, as I know someone who might be selling his soon (which is partially produced by lake people I think) Edit: in negotiations with the guy now lol

Vioelectric is the US-branch of LakePeople

To kind of prove my point, the back of the HPA V281

The RS 02 seems to be EOL as the page is “not found”

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Yeah, the violectric stuff is typically their higher end line products (their hifi products)

Looks like their whole aesthetic is retro.

I bought the G-109 and G-103, both are great.
The HPA RS 02 (HiFi) sounds very similar to the G-109 (Professional).
The Violectric HPA V200 is even better and my favorite amp.

The Violectric PPA V600 is absolutely amazing and I really want one.


look @ Reference Series not Headphone amps

Thanks for the info! Yeah im very curious about their other amps. they look so similar to the HPA RS 02. But i respect the headfonia website. its a really good site. and they picked this one. but they may have picked it for its economy. But i dont want to pay too much for a amp. and i’m worried the rupurt neve amp is not a high enough step up from the THX amps. So im looking for something better but not too expensive. And a more analytical amp.

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Depends on the headphones…

The Violectric V200 will definitely kill the rupurt Neve often… If you are from Germany or Europe you can get them a lot cheaper resulting in an amazing price/performance ratio.

Edit: Yes they are very analytical and linear, have amazing channel ballanced at low volume and a lot of clean power.

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Depends on what headphones lol

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LCD-X - rupurt neve
HiFimen - Violectric

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Lol didn’t see that

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If he were looking for analytical the gsx mini is pretty nice too (although I may prefer a v281 over that)

omg 1800$ youre killing me mon lol

You can also buy used lol

The Gs-x mini is a beast. I ve been really impressed with what I’ve read review wise about it. Power wise they say it can even power the he6se. Those headphones seem to be the measuring stick for powerful amps. But can it run Crisis? Old pc gaming joke.


They can power the he6 but if you really want to invest in the he6 I would suggest getting a good speaker amp instead

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I dont disagree as a He6se owner (I know you have them too). Was more of a reference statement.