Ld2 spark or the l30 for the 990 chrome 600

So I am planning to buy the 990 chrome 600 and I was wondering which amp would be the best to pair with it, I have the ld2 spark and the l30(yes I know I probably should not be using this) the dac would be the e30

10char 10char

what is that

What is your budget?

For the dt990 600ohm I would recommend the liquid spark. I had the sdac-b > LS with dt990, it was a good entry-level. The LS help with the treble of th dt990. I think the the e30 and the LS would make a similar combo.

I mean I have all, just wondering people who have this headphone would choose which amp

Bas X A-100
Source:I own this headphone

Out of what is mentioned, personally I would pick a liquid spark over an L30 for a few reasons, the spark helps calm and smooth out the treble of the 990, add a bit more body to the midrange, and give better bass impact and body. Also helps stage width further. To me the L30 sounded overly dry and overly smooth, also bass was very limp and detail was not prominent as other amps imo. L30 was also poor in spatial recreation imo

If you could bump your budget a bit, I would really suggest something like an asgard 3 or lake people g103s imo, as those are a substantial upgrade over a spark or l30 and are worthwhile for a 600 ohm beyer imo

for the record the Bas X A-100 has 600 mW with jumpers @ 600ohms
it maxes out at 4 O’clock I regularly push the 990’s to 1-2 O’clock

Don’t even fuck around and don’t entertain anything anyone says about single ended amps. Pay the money and balance your 990s. They will not ever sound as good as they can until you do and put 350-400mw of power to them. The difference is night and day.

or buy DT1990…
like a nice used one… wait for a sale etc etc

There are plenty of single ended amps that power the beyers just fine imo. Your options do increase if you decide to balance them though


I know I should get the a3 or lake people but region issues, have to import it, so ya…

bal amp is just kinda expensive though i have three amps, but just want to try out headphones at this point

its a second hand at 120 bought it right when i saw it

yeah man i’m just saying paying to balance + a balanced amp and then oh look you need a balanced dac for these headphones, look pm me if you want I maaayyy be able to help you out (atleast to make a decision)

also is it true that beyerdynamics have to run for 3000hr+? A guy on another form who bought a lot of beyers said that you need to run them for 3000hr+ in order to get “good” sound, i know its kind of exaggerating has anyone run a beyer that long (just wondering)

bruh it sounds like a joke, he means they only have good sound once they are dead lmaooo

sry but bal is not my choice for now, maybe at the end of the year, i have so many headphones that i want to try

lol, is it possible that a headphone can still work after 3000hr?

i mean probably but that is some horse shit 3000hr+ my ass
edit: he has got to be fucking with you who even knows when they run for 3000+ hrs unless they record the time