Let's discuss conductive grease

Researching some ways to improve the speaker cable contacts to the respective amps and speaker connectors. Thinking that this would help not only in a dissimilar metals situation. But also to actually improve connectivity by filling in the gaps and smoothing micro irregularities in the metals. Probably a cheap thing to try in our hobby and if all else fails, can certainly use it in other areas such as AC outlet. A lot of people talk about this using dialectic grease, but that type of grease is to prevent arching, it’s an insulator instead of what you want which is conductivity ergo this type of product. Thoughts? First hand experience?

Wondering if there’s any benefit since what I currently use before I insert the RCA, XLR or speaker cables is this:

Contact cleaners to get help a bad relay/contacter over the weekend are one thing, having some random grease (which may or may not drip) near expensive components, not so sure.

Messing with AC outlets is the second best way to burn down your house.


Hahaha! Thinking out loud. I wouldn’t be slathering it on to that point but I get what you’re trying to say. A burned down house all in the name of chasing the audiophile “air” not the best of trade offs.

Well if you end up getting better sound out of it I think that would be worthwhile lol. Why worry about the room when you can eliminate it from the equation because it’s been burned down

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hmmm, i wonder if my headphones will sound better if i slather some of that stuff into my 1/4 port

Only one way to know…

There’s a DIY speaker builder I watch and he measures his stuff outside and elevated off the ground, so there’s something to that.

The roof is on fire!

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Great way to see if an amp has overcurrent protection…

In other words: Don’t short out your amp!


So, how did it go? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I blew up the amp. its on fire right now


I smell a good deal comming now, cheap amp for sale!

Quick, get out the HD600s.

lol why get out the hd600?

It benefits from a little added warmth.


That’s quick AND funny😂

The ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid is available now priced at £200 (10ml) :joy::rofl::joy: or should it be…