My bad fell for some clickbait. Chord selling some overpriced unnecessary shit

NVM that smoke coming out of your headphone port

You got the tittle wrong… it’s ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid.
Chord selling ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid.

And it ain’t even snake oil (technically) if it maximises / largens the surface area of connector on very very small level and might even show if measured that “more current” is going through the connector.

Is it audible is totally different story.
Some add moondust to cables and they also improve sound so… some use toilet paper and so on.

Fully optimize the cables potential and connections for £200. That’s cheap audiophile stuff.
The real question is: Can you buy it in gallons or litres?

Would also bet. There will be more of coating (also protection) products in future now that the game is open, some can be candle wax and others might actually do something and everyone is noticing improvements no matter what they use.

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there fixed my title

well it’s better.
Could be applied to every headphone, amp and audio product & manufacturer.
Apple in mobile world.


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They repackaged what I bought.

yes but they’re selling 10ml for $200, and you got 80g for $18

You’re not surprised by that are you? It’s the audio industry in a nut shell.


Grease and newest new, hardening (filling?) nanolevel tech coating products are different. This should not be this hard for some to understand…
Other one is probably made by guy called Joy’s in his basement and other in Chords high tech lab.
But if there are consumers, there are markets for any marketed product.

Maybe it should be “waifu polish coat” that makes you cumm just by watching it.
I mean price would be in the thousands and people would fight to the death for a 1ml… :smiley:

…and voids the warranty with Neutrik, Molex, Cliff or any other connector manufacturer if the connector bursts into flames.

Why would it? Might as well phone gsus if we going with if’s.
I mean i understand oils and similar flammable substances.
That’s probably what Chord is not aiming for… set consumers gear in to flames or you think so?

Usually when different coating’s products are dried out (yes they have dry time) “x” can be used normally, when all the chemicals have vaporized.

Again if someone does not use the product as it should be used (like you and the single ended plug :wink: ) it’s owners fault and should get flamed or broken gear.

Altering the connector voids the warranty.

C’mon now. That’s just silly now.
And please. How it would go into flames and why?

That’s just a click-bait article.

It’s not the same Chord Electronics that’s makes highly regarded dacs.

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oooooooooooh I thought it was

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Damn good to know

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No worries. I click on stuff all the time.

How is it click bait since it was about “Chord Company” that exists and makes cables and connectors and news was about their new product to be released in 2020?

" Chord Electronics Ltd" was not in the WhatHifi’s article in any way.
That makes very nice Dac’s, Amps and so on.
This is actually funny now. lol
How well can you tell, read and notice differences after all…

This on the level of adding used toilet paper to headphones. "This music smell’s funny. lol
Maybe we should wait for the actual product and information to hear the light.


I can’t help it. If you want to take expensive snake oil up a notch, look at this “cryogenics company” that will cryogenically treat all of your audio gear and say it yields better sound. Nothing like a snake oil sales person telling you it’s not snake oil in their blog.