Let's list all the headphone with a w shaped frequency response

I’m fond of the two models I’ve heard, so let’s create a list of headphones for others that feel the same. we can include IEM’s as well.

I know of the following:

  • Focal Stellia
  • Grado GW100

Others via suggestions below:

  • AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon
  • Focal Elex
  • HiFiMan HE-4xx
  • Beyer DT 177x

Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon come to mind… :smirk:

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focal elex

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HE4XX. Probably more V than W but does seem to have a slightly smaller bump in the mids.

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Panasonic RP-HD10 could be W-shaped. Not sure though.

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The only I can think of is the already mentioned Elex. I just thought about posting this question and decided to search first. :grin:

So many 'phones only seem to hit two out of three.

There MUST be more than the Elex.

Ok then, I’ll throw another focal into the mix lol, the focal listen pro

Any Audeze that fit into this category?

Some of the lcd x/xc sounded almost w shaped based on the batch variation / silent revision levels, but I don’t think that was the intended response lol

Is there such a sound that emphasises bass and mids. Or are mids always bundled in with treble?

That would either be a warmer signature or a darker signature most likely

IEM’s?..FH7’s, 64 Audio Tia Trio

So, if your priorities were:

  1. Mids
  2. Bass
  3. Treble

What would you be buying/hunting?

Shane, don’t pollute this thread that’s about W shaped frequency responses. start your own thread! LoL!

I would be looking for a mid centric/warmer headphone most likely. Something like an lcd 2.2 pre fazor (or a lcd 2 classic but my preference leans toward the 2.2 non fazor ), or a hd600 on a otl tube, zmf auteur, a higher end grado on a transformer coupled tube, perhaps an audioquest nighthawk carbon off the top of my head

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The LCD2 Classic does intrigue me. The HD600 was great on a tube, but I found The Grado better and sold it. I do wonder about the Grado GS3000e’s, but they are SO expensive.

And what’s your thread about…? :laughing:

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Now leaving W station, heading to warmer midcentric


Liar! you were thoroughly disappointed in the HD600, which is why you sold it, LoL!

edit - I also updated the original post to mention we can refer to IEM’s that are w shaped as well.

The tube was the only time that I liked it. But even then the Grado edged it out.

The whole “Senn 6 series is audio perfection” just goes right over my head. I guess my uneducated ears just don’t get it.