Let's show M0N some appreciation!

I would like to make a post for all to show M0N some love and appreciation. Over the past few weeks he has allowed me to bother him on details most others would not care to listen to or advise on. He is without a doubt one of the hallmarks of this forum and i would like to dedicate this post out to him.

P.S. I would like to include everyone else that is active and responsible for responding and advising others, sharing your experiences with the community allows others with the same questions to get a better understanding of your mindset and why you did what you did.

Sincerely THANK YOU ALL for being so AWESOME!!!


There was an original M0N appreciation thread of sorts… where we petitioned to make M0N a mod. lol
Hence why he is a mod now.


I did indeed see that post but felt that it was before my time on here and i did not have any aforementioned links to anyone or anything on the forums. I just wanted to personally show some love and appreciation for his direct help that i have received.

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Word… I highly value mons opinions… heres to you :beers:

… :face_vomiting:


Yes, yes…appreciation for @M0N :clap::clap::clap::clap: I would also like to take this particular moment to share with Mon my CC bill :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: Yes, yes definitely appreciation for Mon and my CC bill :rofl:

You are some kind of audio savant and sincerely appreciated by so many of us Mon, thank you for all your great advice and for sharing your knowledge with us, I have learned so much, so quickly because of you! Cheers and happy listening.


Credit cards love @M0N.

All jokes aside, many thanks for your help getting me down this rabbit hole and a decent proper headphone setup. Very pleased!

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I would like to apologize for misspelling M0N as MON up till now. I have shamed my family.

all hail M0N, the despot tyrrant of HFG!!! :smiley:


I’m pretty grateful that they helped me out with giving me so many recommendations and guiding me through to my first big purchase in headphones and better audio, and explaining alot of unfamiliar concepts for me. Great work, M0N!

I love this forum, I use to google things for answers but now just come on here and ask you guys. And 90% of the time MON is the one to respond. He is awesome. Even sent me FLAC music for me to sample. Now that is above and beyond. Lift your glasses to MON

Cheers @M0N :love_you_gesture:t2::notes::headphones:

All hail the nighthawk cult founder…

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I feel like there are more cults I have started now as well lol


Much appreciation for M0N! Super nice guy who always helps others so, thanks for everything! Long live M0N!

I really appreciate how M0N gives thoughtful advice whether a person’s budget is $100 or $100,000. He’s never snobby about budget gear or contemptuous about high end gear. It shows great character and provides great value to all of us, regardless of where we’re at.

Thank you, M0N. You’re a class act.

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I don’t know if we have had someone who’s budget was over 30k looking for a setup yet lol (at least someone looking for advice in that range)

Most defiantly a helpful member if this awesome community!

Thank you, M0N!

I have to agree. I feel that I can pick his brain any time of the day and get a quick answer. In case I don’t always say thanks, here is a thank you!

I am confounded by your lack of love for Grado’s but other than that, your advice seems pretty spot on.:+1:

I say we mand Mon-day MON day and dedicate a song we play in our systems to him.

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