Make MON a mod? (Poll) (Vote)

For considering of @ZeosPantera and @DMS
Just a straight forward question. I believe @M0N has done a lot to answer people’s questions and has generally kept a very positive and professional attitude while doing it. I’ve literally logged on some days with rows of topics with questions answered by @M0N in definitive detail. In some cases he comes on here and answers questions in minutes, if not seconds. Assuming he would want the responsibility, do you agree @M0N should be made a mod?

Should Mon be made a mod?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Who’s Mon?

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Do you want to be an admin, @M0N?


I already vote for him. He is always helping people out, including myself. If he want to be an admin that would be great.


M0N is a cool guy, definitely the most helpful on the forum.


Look if Mon wants to do it say he should be but I don’t think we should be pressuring him to. Mon is a cool really active member of the community and by far the most helpful. Dare say more helpful than any of the assigned mods who are barely active last time I checked, and my first day here removed my first comments cause op probably didn’t like rap …still kinda salty about that
EDIT : MODS didnt delete my shit it was the bots


Took a gander at activity stats for admins/mods and compared them to m0n.

17day read time

12h read time

That’s just a sample, you guys can look for yourselves. But activity is leagues apart from even the most active mods.

You can see mods here

If he wants the mod, he should definitely have it.


I don’t want to say make him an admin cause that seems to be for the stake holders like z and DMS but at least make him a mod if he wants it

Of course, no pressure. =) At the very least I’d like to state my appreciation. He sets a solid example of the right kind of friendly attitude and at the very least I think it would be nice to at least share some appreciation for the time he puts into sharing his knowledge. =)


Would he have to change his name to MOD then?


Having a mod/Leader as active as m0n is good.

On the subject of promoting people:

Well shit. 1st off I don’t know if comparing z to me is worthwhile because he’s busy and he probably shouldn’t be spending the majority of his time in here lol. Also I’m on here for fun and wouldn’t mind being a mod or whatever as long as I didn’t have a bunch of extra responsibilities


With great power comes great responsibilities.
Do we need him to be a mod ? I mean it’s fairly peaceful here and the ppl are agreeable. If he wants to be one ,ok

I mean yeah lol I don’t even think there would be anything to do tbh. The only thing I could think of would be making the official threads perhaps if they are missing


Fairly peaceful… for now… :smiling_imp:

Is that a threat lol

I’d say that’s a warning.

The modding begins? Lol

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It’s inevitability


I mentioned Z because… he is one of the most active mod/admins. You have more activity than all of them combined, so it’s no contest anyway.

But I think this thread is more like a “badge of honor” type of thing. The forum doesn’t really need more mods imo.

Would be nice if the actual hifi GUIDE was up to date with links to reviews/forum threads, etc. But I don’t think forum mods have anything to do with that.

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So the only place a fire is welcomed is in a fireplace