Let's talk about Axiom speakers

they caught my eye the other day, so here’s a thread to talk about them

who’s got them?
why’d you buy them?
do you like them or regret the purchase?
what do you use to power them?

The towers look pretty… odd with kindness.
Why they have / use dual drivers?
I kinda understand a “wall or panel” type solutions speaker where you could multiple drivers in large rows but in pairs.

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odd with kindness?

I’m having a lot of difficulty trying to translate that into something coherent. can you clarify what you meant? :smiley:

Not sure how I feel about the port design lol

I don’t know a lot about speakers…but I’m going to guess that there is duplication in the woofers and tweeters because cross-overs are used to give them focused frequencies for better sound?

@M0N what’s wrong with the port design? it’s at the bottom like most speakers…

also, can someone explain what the difference is between floor standing and omni-directional speakers, as they pretty much look the same, but for price.

I did not even see that, cause of the dual driver setup but ooommmggg

Only one thing is represented here lool im dying now!


Can’t help but laugh whenever I saw these speakers lol


flesh light…

it took few minutes for the laugh to stop and clean the water out from my eyes.
That is the funniest thing in a while. :rofl:

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well…that is a bit different.

wonder what the theory / philosophy behind it is.

Just wondering who decided to sign off on that one lol

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well…like I just said, rhetorically, wonder what the theory / philosophy behind it is. there would be some sort of rationale.

I’m sure there is a reason for the port design like trying to reduce port noise, but like, there isn’t any other design that could accomplish that goal lol? Like, I’m not someone who cares about visual design that much, but no way would I be able to have those in my house and have to see that port and take them seriously lol


well, cause I’m curious…I just sent a message asking what the idea behind the odd porting design is. :slight_smile:

visually it’s unimportant as it’s covered…but still. :wink:

Well curious to see what they say

I see this on a review “vortex ports are said to deliver deeper bass without creating noisy air turbulence”

Good, it shouldn’t be allowed to have that port uncovered and out in the open lol

At least with their bookshelves it’s on the back where it should be lol

I don’t care. I like the raw / stacked look. one reason I’m fond of Polk’s…because it looks good; no experience with their actual sound quality.

To be clear here the only issue I have is that port design lol, everything else is just fine. I mean that port does look pretty raw lol

their towers actually have a couple more ports on the back of them too…

I have had their M60’s for a decade. I did the whole home theatre thing in my bedroom. (I have to sell that movie collection soon!:grin:).

I needed a banging two channel for my living room. Loved Paradigm speakers called, I think, Studio 2. They were $1599.00, plus tax. Then I found an online outfit called Axiom. No dealers and the similar speakers were $1,000.00, plus tax, with free shipping. I think they are now like $2K. :smiley:

I had already picked up an NAD C372 amp, a tuner and a CD player.
What a great combo! It was a very loud, clear set-up. Now in an apartment they just serve duty as TV speakers.

They also had/have very nice, albeit expensive, home theatre packages.

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they have a trade-in program to upgrade to the current version of what you have or to get better :slight_smile: