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to start, what’s your current rig?

1x Lenovo M900x Tiny w/i7-6700, 16GB RAM, 480GB M.2 SATA SSD w/Windows 10 Pro 64bit
2x Dell 34" Ultrawide U3415w, stacked vertically
1x Samsung 24"
1x Mac Mini 2014, i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD
2x Mac Pro 2008, 2x Xeon, 32GB RAM, will be upgrading to 128GB SSD and GTX 670 FTW shortly
2x 27" Mac Displays
1x custom build, i5-6400, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, EVGA 400w
1x custom build, i5-7600K, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, EVGA G3 650w

I hope to sell everything but the M900x Tiny and two Dell displays so I can buy some new gear, like more up to date Mac Mini, a proper PC / Monitor or notebook for the wife and put the rest into audio gear.

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Without getting into audio gear, that’s it


oh yeah…u reminded me I need to make a simple media PC for our TV. I’ve had this Vizio 55" 4K TV for like 4 years and have barely used it. I’ll have to check the 4K video performance, but probably something like the Ryzen 3400G, or wait for the Ryzen 4000 APU that will actually be Zen2 and not Zen+.

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My main personal rig is

Lian Li O11 Dynamic case
AMD 3900X
64GB RAM @3600CL16
Gigabyte Aurus Master X570 MB
2 M2 SSD’s - 1TB primary 2TB secondary
Acer Predator X34 21x9 Monitor
Nvidia GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition

I also have 2 older i7’s an i5, an i3 I use as a file server, and a Mac book pro.

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GB or TB?

20 character limit

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It’s just 3 orders of magnitude… corrected above.


1300x currently but upgrading this firday to a 3600x, rest of it is 16 gigs of RAM,1070,3 TB of HDDpace, 240 gig ssd. I use a aptop as well dont know the specsoff the top of my head just a laptop i7 and 750m . getting rid of it soon for proabaly a lg gram .

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I’ve always been a bit of a “computer geek”, so at the moment i have a dedicated “htpc” hooked up to my “home cinema” (5.2 surround and a 55" screen from LG), i have a “gaming” rig, a “home office” pc and a “server” that runs 24/7, oh, and also a NAS for storage.

They are slowly nearing replacement, and the “gaming rig” is currently a intel i7-3770k based computer with 16gb of ram and a 1070GTX. It has a 500gb samsung SSD for the OS and another SSD for the steam library. It is hooked up to a samsung 27" curved 1080p “gaming” screen that sports 144hz. For sound, i use a Fiio olympus e10k as a dac, hooked up to a Yamaha AS501 and a pair of Klipsch RB-81 II with an old klipch 10" sub (i know the klipsch is not exactly near field, but with a bit of toe in they actually sound pretty good).

I do want to build a new gaming rig soon though, as the 3770k is getting to be a bottleneck (battlefield V has 100% utilization on all cores all the time!) even when overclocked to 4.2ghz on all cores. I could push it harder, but want to be on the “safe side” with no change of voltage, and i am still running air cooling (though the Noctua NH-D14 does a great job of that). Seems like AMD might be the way to go comparing price and performance, but it will probably not happen until next year.

Oh, and i use a macbook pro (13" mid 2014) when im around, that too will probably be upgraded in the not to distant future…

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Main rig

Type Part Note
CPU Ryzen 7 1700X Needed 8 cores, did not want to spend 1200€
Mobo ASRock X370 K4 Has exactly one flaw: memory clock
RAM Corsair Vengance LPX 2x8GB 3200MHz 16-18-18-36
Cooler Noctua NH-U12S Needed Am4 mounting kit at the time
GPU Sapphire 5700XT Pulse Upgrade from R9 Fury, needed more VRAM
SSD Samsung 850Evo 250GB, Linux boot drive
SSD Samsung 970Evo 250GB, Windows boot drive
HDD WD Black 2TB, storage drive 1
HDD WD Black 2TB storage drive 2
HDD WD Gold 1TB, software drive 1
Case Corsair Carbide 300R Worst case I ever owned, needed modding to become acceptable
PSU SeaSonic M12II 750W Was planning on going dual GPU at some point
Soundcard ESI Maya 44eX Needed the channels and optical input
Case Fans Noctua Redux 120mm PWM 2x exhaust
Case Fans Noctua Redux 140mm PWM 2x intake
HDD-Bay RaidSonic IcyBox IB-176SSK-B When you don’t have a sever, backups are best left in a secure box

Secondary/Mobile Rig

Type Part Note
CPU Ryzen 5 2600
Mobo ASRock B450M Pro4
RAM GSkill Trident Z 2x4GB 2800MHz
Cooler Noctua NH-L12S
GPU Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB version
SSD WD Blue 500GB, Sata M.2
Case Custom built
PSU SeaSonic M12II 520W
Case Fans BeQuiet PureWings 2 PWM 4x


I have to say that’s a pretty slick custom case, looks pretty awesome (and practical too)


Thanks :smiley:

I want something like that to just stroll into work with instead of my laptop lol. I wonder how difficult it would be to make it battery powered :thinking: :thinking:

Build log:


Battery power is a tough one. Needs about 25A at 12V at full load, I never went after that.

And for daily driver, maybe put wheels on it :wink:

MF, what do you mean about that mobo having a memory flaw?

The tracelayout between cpu-socket and memory slots is bad, so you will get 2933MHz memory clock at the best of times.
ASRock has ended production of that board, fixed it and rereleased it as the “ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X”

Edit: Still better than the Gigabyte UD7 mainboard that cought fire because VRMs beeing on the back.
Antec made a case where you could put a fan behind the mobo (Antec 302) to work arround that…

It seems great unless if you had to take it on a plane lol.

Yeah a battery would really be pushing it, and honestly would just be to assert your dominance and computer prowess over the regular desktop plebeians lol


I have an awful rig that i bought some years ago, but for what i do it gets the job decently done, i swear i’ll upgrade:

CPU: Intel i3-7100
GPU: Asus GT 730 4 GB
Mobo: Msi H110M PRO-VH
Ram: undefined 8 GB DDR3
Storage: WD Green 320 GB
Power supply: PowerX 600W

Apart from the PSU beeing enough to power 3x your computer, looks fine to me.

Yeah, that’s really something. What would also be something is TSA’s response when that thing goes through the metal detector. :grin:

My desktop is the first system I’ve built myself and I know enough to know that I totally overdid it. :laughing:

CPU: Intel i7-8700k, cooled with a 360mm Corsair AIO and OC’d to 4.9Ghz.
GPU: EVGA FTW3, RTX 2080ti
Mobo: MSI something or other
Ram: 32Gb of something, clocked to 3000ghz.
Storage: 3 1TB Samsung EVO SSDs
Power supply: EVGA in some unnecessarily high wattage.


The intention wasn’t really to use it for a media PC… It just doesn’t have the horses to do what I want, but was what fit in my budget constraints.
I would say, like my desktop, the GPU and CPU could use an update (if you’re trying to game) otherwise you’re fine.

Oh, I’ve updated my first post, CPU oc is 3.825GHz