Post your crazy system here

low, mid or high 5 digits? low, mid or high 6 digits?

edit - also, what did you use to make that chart?

Google drawings lol

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You need to make room for a THX amp. :rofl:


That would be for a future toilet setup


i used google docs drawing tool.

my system barely makes 5 digits )=

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Everything lives arround my mixer.

Main Rig is hooked up 4 way:

  • Onboard (for voice chats)
  • First output of my soundcard (Out 1/2) for general use
  • Second output of my soundcard (Out 3/4) for movie/browser
  • Scarlett 2i4 for music (is hooked up balanced because I ran out of RCA’s, but had two random stereo 1/4 jack cables :neutral_face:)

When I got my secondary or ZombiePC in use for rendering or playing Vista (or before games), I got them hooked in via Mono.

The Mackie Mix12 then distributes to my ART Headamp4, BasX A-100 and my compact system (which used to do duty as desktop speaker driver, which was recently moved to the BasX too, now it is just an alarm clock :smiley: )




Damn, you guys are fancy with your wire line diagrams and such…I scribble on a piece of paper every time I re-wire, this is my current desktop system (as of 4/14), I need to have a nice switch box made but I’ve been a bit of a tightwad lately, too many expenses hitting all at once :rage:


For laughs, I’ll describe my “setup” at the moment. I don’t have my usual setup due to staying at my parents’ place due to COVID-19.

2018 Macbook --> HE400 / earpods :rofl:

Let me know if the system is too crazy to decipher and I will try to explain.


Hey all, what’s the cleanest way to split a USB signal that you have found. I am using Anker splitters, one is powered and one is not.

Otherwise i will plug and unplug when i want the purest, cleanest output to input and go direct from source to component.

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I just have mine plugged in all at once and it works well for me

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Just make sure you don’t pull too much power from the computer.

USB is very resilient against interference. The one thing that fucks up are cobbled together drivers…

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Or too many drivers lol

The way mine has managed to live is that 3 are on one thunderbolt port and the other 3 are on another thunderbolt port so it seems to work for now lol


So after really thinking out my setup I realized that I could do my dac routing way more efficiently and had the equipment to do it as well. I realized that I had unused studio aes distro gear, and that all my dacs have aes input, so now I am just going to use one usb interface to feed all the gear through aes. No real sonic change from quick listening so I went through with it. During some long ass meetings I rewired and now here is the current setup. I also improved the chart a tad by adding a bit more information this time (also added cables used for those who are interested)


that’s insanity man lol I love it… appreciate the legends and colour :+1: really impressive


I am pretty set with this setup right now lol, mainly because of how long it took to get to this point, and it ain’t having any drastic changes


Oh, you have little Voxativ’s. Those are the wood and paper drivers, right?


Yes, I have the ones with the af-1n drivers, actually fantastic when running them from the ha300 for chill, relax, and more warmer sound, switching to the studio T really kinda actually makes them really neutral but pleasing to the ear, very natural sounding. I typically don’t use the 2 other solid state amps with them. They sit right next to the other pair of speakers

Edit: also nearfield they are on point, great imaging and staging and being single driver no issues with hearing coherency issues between separate drivers


I don’t how to say show much I appreciate this thread. I’m loving the diagrams and seeing what is on M0N’s desk is amazing. And rewiring that in a conference call… I can only imagine that call.


I just had myself muted the whole time and was only listening for my name lol, plenty of time to do other things

Wait… I thought that was the ONLY way to take a conference call.