Let's talk about flat panel speakers

they are an very niche solution to situations where you have no room or need a space that is kept neat and clean so it looks open and spacious.

can you do that with in-wall / on-wall flat panel speakers without a major sacrifice in sound quality? if so, how much does will that cost you?

and…are there DIY flat panel speaker designs worthy of considering?

Might be a new design, picture frame speakers. I hear in ceiling sucks what about pendant speakers ?

Back to the subject home theater in-walls are suppose to be pretty damn good. Like the fancy brands you buy from a dealer not on amazon.

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flat panels are every bit as good…minus the bass. most of them dont dig very low. in wall is as good. they also have in wall subs.

you would be almost forced to build a line array for diy. not many woofers on the market that are designed thin.

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in ceiling are as good as well. they are just different. and harder to build proper soundstage out of. win for atmos surround setup.

@Flaculence the only picture frame speaker I’ve seen is Ikea’s rebranded Sonos Symfonisk…what else is out there?

@joshua_g I’m not familiar with what is meant by line array, but I’m gong to guess it’s something like a soundbar but with the idea of stereo arrangement rather than the simulated SS they usually are trying to do?

I was thinking that perhaps someone(s) created a modified version of this speaker, where it is skinny, but as wide and long / tall as it needs to be:

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thats an example of a line array speaker.

Form factor on-walls might be a new tech speaker makers should be looking into.

Klipsch has a in-wall RP line, but they get hate, hey its affordable.

Line array

This could be considered a baby line array, im mean its hanging.


How about PMC ?

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Axiom has some options as well.

Axiom is also a CDN company and they’ve got some good prices on refurb and b-stock for some of their on wall products. I’m going to start taking a deeper dive into them now to see how they are for soundstage and imaging being you can’t tow them in or anything once they’re on the wall.

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Assume not a renter if youre looking to hang or cut into the wall. What are the room dimensions ?

it’s a rental. no holes, but hanging stuff is fine.

room is 11’ x 10’, but a 4’ x 2.5’ chunk is the closet. I also have that 6" foundation ledge / shelf along two walls.

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Leave the closet open as an absorber. Micca 0o0 are small and have a mounting hole but their heavy for the type of wall mount zeos suggested. i angled mounted vertically so the buttom back edge butts up to the wall, then you can cheat with a small sub like the elac 1010.

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being rear ported is less than ideal. :frowning:

Very, think i change my mind recomending them. Im getting distortion in my living room powered by topping SA300 through a Fiio dac. Ill try hooking up a better DAC. On a desk theyre great.

Klipsch RP140 on amazon.

ELAC debut 2.0 amazon. Going to need a sub 70hz-35khz frequency response. Man if these things had a 5in driver i get a set.

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those are interesting.

take a look at DML speakers.

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The ELACs are dual bottom ported. $229.00 15 in stock amazon.

which Elac?

Elac debut 2.0 ow4.2 on wall speakers.

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did you look into those DML speakers? it’s a very interesting concept.

I wonder if I can find some written info that’s simple to understand :stuck_out_tongue:

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