Let's talk about movies lol

Hey guys,

In this period of confinement, I’m out of things to do (that’s not true- but I like to think of it that way even if I have assigned work to do).

I’ve been watching quite a few movies recently and some I love, some I found were too ‘slow’ e.g Machinist (i didn’t even watch it fully) and boring lol. But some were interesting e.g Fractured - that movie kept me thinking a lot while it was running.

If you have movie recommendations, I would love it xD I would like to see something that’s not ‘slow paced’, and at the same time would be convenient for a family viewing.

Stay safe guys! (btw I’m loving music recommendations on the music talk section)

I’m always a fan of Wes Anderson movies, but based on the two movies you listed I have no clue if they will be a fit for you. My personal favorite is Rushmore, but they all have moments I like. Moonlight Kingdom, Royal Tenenbaums, and Bottle Rocket are all great

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I recently watched jojo rabbit… one of the best I’ve seen in awhile

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Film is the one thing I spend more money on than audio lol
If this drags I’m gonna convince a lot of my internet friends to go watch some of the real weird stuff

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This is the perfect time to plug that y’all should seek out Zulawski’s Posession, a movie that changes genres every 15 minutes is about a spy whose wife leaves him for another man who happens to also be an eldritch squid god


Curious if you’ve seen Mandy? Really insane Nic Cage movie (in a good way) where he seeks revenge on the cultists who killed his wife.

korean old dog and parasite are great, any wes anderson film, all the edgar wright films. just to name my favs out there


oh nvm family viewing

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all the pixar films, ghibli films,violet evergardenn the show and the movie. iif you have kids closer to 1o0 all the marvel filmsx


You should check out the director’s first film. Beyond the black rainbow

I watched it after I saw Mandy. I don’t know that I’d say I liked either movie as a whole, but his style is pretty unique. Opening Mandy with a King Crimson song had me at hello.


“this is really not a good time to be a Nazi” lol. The kids in that movie are great

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hahah I just listed a few movies that I’ve been watching recently. I’m open to suggestions, but the plot should not be sloowwww

all above 18 in the family xD I’ll check it out lol

lol i didn’t ask for kid movies hahaah. But i appreciate the suggestion xD

Recently watched Before I Fall - Not super fast paced but gives some food for thought

Interstellar - Awesome Sci-Fi movie, but you probably know that one

Contagion - Movie about a virus spreading round the world

Deepwater Horizon - Movie about the men and women on the drilling rig. I just hope you don’t have anyone working in that industry.

Morgan - Sci-Fi/Action

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Oooh contagion seems interesting especially in this era we’re living in!
I’ve watched interstellar (superb soundtrack btw), great movie, deepwater horizon is cool too. Haven’t seen morgan, before i fall, but i’ll be sure to check them out! Thanks!

For A Few Dollars more - Better than The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Come at me.
Dark Star - More of an eclectic choice, but a dude surfs to his death on the wreckage of a spaceship. Don’t tell me you aren’t going to watch that.
In Bruges - For people who like the word c**t, and midgets… sorry, dwarfs.

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid - Back when having former SNL cast members make movies was a wise decision.


I should watch Dark Star again, such a nice movie.

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Reccs for today

Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space.
Nic Cage and Lovecraft

Denise Villeneuve’s Enemy

If you can find it, Shunji Iwai’s:
Swallowtail Butterfly. Dickensian near future cyberpunk.
All About Lily Chou Chou. One of the darkest depictions of bullying ever.

Uncut Gems. One of the most stressful crime thrillers I’ve seen in a while

Konstantin Lopushansky’s
Letters from a dead man: late soviet nuclear apocalypse fiction. Fits well with threads and the day after.
Visitor to a Museum. Late soviet dystopian scifi
The ugly swans. Mid 00s scifi based on a strugatsky novel (who wrote roadside picnic, which was adapted into Stalker). Incredibly dark first contact type story