Lets Talk Neck Speakers

So I’ve not seen it mentioned here yet, but what experience do any of you have with neck speakers? In the last 2 days or so I’ve started looking at neck speakers. The “other” section was the best I could find for this topic as well :confused:

So the Sony WS1 is not supposed to be good for music, but is good for gaming/TV. The Bose soundwear is supposed to be top dog. You also have JBL soundgear, but fit and sound staging are a concern from what I hear in reviews(also bass). One I’m interested in is the Oraolo as well.

So just interested in sound quality, modding, is there any higher audiophile ones on the horizon etc. Thanks for stopping by LOL

My question is mostly, why? Why is this a thing? And why not just hang a $30 JBL go around your neck? It even has a little thing where you can connect a chord.

I’m curious because I like open-backs and I want to know if the sound presentation is good, if it is and lauded then the quality of that presentation will improve. If you can essentially make a big planer more comfortable by making it wearable and have a superior sound presentation as far as soundstage and imaging are concerned I’d be down. Its just something I’m throwing out there as I know its not in the Hifi quality yet. Tyll did a lot of work with the bose unit:

z unboxed one
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Good catch, I didn’t even see this smh…

I didn’t even know this was a thing.

I like the concept of them Ive tried on and they need some work but definitely have potential. sort of like a portable nearfield setup. or just headphones when you dont want to put it on your head. but they really need work to get really good cause right now they are basically bluetooth speakers around your neck

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here is a review from tech moan

They are interesting for sure, I just don’t think I’d ever have much a need for one really. My house is basically filled with sonos speakers always playing something so when I’m in the house it kinda eliminates the need for his.

I wouldn’t want to wear this when I’m working in the shop or outside because I feel like I’d sweat on it lol.

I think I’d also just prefer headphones in most cases. The only time I’d see myself not wanting to wear headphones and fully immerse in music would be like when I’m with people having conversations or something. And in that case I’d feel weird wearing it anyway, or I’d just play the speakers in my house for background music or even off of a portable speaker if I were outside. I see the interest for some people but I don’t think I’d find myself wanting or needing to use these very often.

Plus I honestly can’t think to make an “audiophile one because I’m order for it to be small and comfortable they need to be using some pretty dainty speakers in there. The get real “audiophile“ sound You’d need either bigger drivers or many small drivers and it would make these things bulky and uncomfortable.

I guess I’m also biased because it have major surgery in both my shoulders and collar bones so I couldn’t wear these even if I wanted lol. I can barely stand wearing a seat belt lol

Why i use neck speaker around the house?
“if i am using a pair of isolating headphones i might not hear a knock on the door or if the phone rings”
Uses open back Philips Fidelio as demonstration. :laughing:
Stopped watching vid after that…

In his defense, I can’t hear shit when I’m jamming out, that includes with IEMs around the house or openbacks at my desk, so LOL

In my defense he said “when i’m listening to pod cast’s”.
That is listening not jamming.
He still picked up open back headphones that isolate so… double lol

Funny shit anyway.

lol fair enough on that. I had never watched the guy until I started researching this stuff. I actually seen the video before it was linked here for reference.

What if you guys had a terrible ear blister? You’d be needing a neck speaker then wouldnt you?

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What if you forgot to put sunscreen on your neck?

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Sony Neck Speaker

The Techmoan video referenced:

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I have to admit that when I see people wearing these in public I sort of look sideways at them. I feel it’s in the same category as people who wear their in-ear Bluetooth headset the whole day.

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I got a cheaper one to give a chance:

Whenever it stops raining and snowing in my part of the world I hope to get out and do some cycling. I figured it was either this type of thing or bone-conducting headphones. Closing off my ears to the surrounding world is probably not a good idea while riding down city streets on a bicycle. Since I wear glasses, gonna start here.

It is NOT an audiophile experience (who’s surprised?). I may have to find a rotation of compelling podcasts to pass the time while riding…

Yeah. It looks stupid. But on a bike hopefully I’ll be given a pass :laughing:

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I have tried the Bose version and must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be awful but it actually sounded pretty good. Not as good as decent headphones or normal speakers but surprisingly listenable, not tinny or gutless and perfectly acceptable for casual listening. Probably wouldn’t buy one but neither would I dismiss the concept.

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A follow-up…

Got my first ride in today. This neck speaker is…ok. The blue parts are made of rubber, so it kinda feels like a chew toy hanging around your neck. But nor does it slide around your collar area. It seemed to stay in place well and didn’t become a distraction. The sound lacks low end and highs but the mids are passable for what it is. The volume also really changes with head position. While biking you move your head a lot to see what’s around and there were very noticeable changes in loudness depending on head position. Nonetheless, I still was able to enjoy some music while riding and still hear the traffic around me. That was the goal so I can’t complain too much.