🔶 letshuoer s12

The S12 is all upper treble; well outside the painful 3KHz to 6KHz range that bothers me when too elevated. Analytical and fun at the same time. Works best with busy, fast tracks. Can always EQ down the upper treble and lean the bass for more mid centric appeal, but I find it needs lower Q factor values for PEQ.


Yepp same 3-6k area. And yea I messed with some basic eq, like down 2db at 8k and it sounded about perfect to me so these are really solid. Also tip rolled to epro horns on these and they get more slam and it edges over any sharpened edges it feels like. They are tight in all the right ways.


S12 is very sensitive with dac in my perception here… With hiby FC3 dongle is way much treble and sibilance but with the Fiio K5 pro is other story… the treble is tamed down is very pleasing to hear. With moondrop kato is almost the same sound in both dacs, i guess that is because kato don’t have this peak in the treble that S12 have.

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I got a B1s so I’ll try to run it class A to see if it improves the sound again.

The LetShuoer S12 is actually a very good IEM, but it came to life when I replaced the standard 3.5mm single-ended cable with a new 2.5mm balanced cable. The lower frequencies and the sound field have been greatly improved, for my taste, I like Rock and Heavy Metal and now the S12 is just perfect. I use a Fiio BTR5 2021. The cable I used was an OpenHeart Grizzly.


I ordered mine with the 4.4mm balanced, and use an adapter to run it with the the 2.5mm on the BTR5, and I agree it sounds great on that. I think it is the extra headroom and power that you get with the balanced connection, and planars do like a bit more power.

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Special Edition oh yeah new colors and new tuning


Are these Zeos edition?

If anybody would like to enter the giveaway of a set of the S12, check out the Acho Reviews thread. I’m not going to cross post the link to avoid spamming it too much :wink:


Not sure it was from a post on Facebook I was following I was not aware Zeos actually helps tune IEM’s?

he said that in his telegram chat