🔶 LETSHUOER Z12 (Z Collab)

Nice set, I’m going to buy it soon.

Hi, my first review here. Just got this yesterday and burned them for 12hrs. I am using them with jcally jm10. I know it is not good enough to drive them, but they already sound awesome.

Comparing with my Kato, I can say that I love listening to z12 more in these genres.

  • Hip-hop/Rap
  • Orchestra
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • EDM

I rarely listen to these genres, but the bass and technicalities made me enjoy them. I enjoy how the guitar, drums etc sound with z12. Maybe will make me listen more on these genres haha. They are brighter than Kato, but I don’t find it a problem. I think Kato silver nozzle (I don’t use brass one because I hate green tips) excel more on vocals, kpop, jpop, and better soundstage and imaging. Vocals just sound more special with Kato and kinda lift up the singer’s voice characteristics. Both are good to me and I’m glad to get this z12.

Btw, I am not good with reviewing, so pls take this with a grain of salt. Doing this review because I want to get a z12 4.4 cable. Then will buy Dawn to drive this z12. Excited to know how different z12 can sound with more power.


I’m buying them if I don’t win them hahah

The cable looks so nice but I would like to see a gun metal version of the buds

Just arrived.
Listening to a test playlist, because I just can’t wait.
Ill burn them in, do some tip rolling and then post a review.

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seems awesome

I have the S12 … but I will add a pair of Z12 to those

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So my new Z12 planar IEM just arrived today. Bought them from @HifiGo on the release date. So, got myself the Z12 along with the optional 4.4mm balanced cable.

So, let’s start with power requirements…yes they do require some power to get the drivers to really shine, but out of box they’re really good already. I power them with my Hiby FC4 which has 340mw @32ohm at the balanced 4.4mm input which is crazy power from such a small device.

Then, as for tips…I use the standard foam tips which are included. It reduces some of the treble bite which is present while maintaining the clarity and the bass presence and cleanliness.

I’ve only been using using them for the last 2 hours, and I can already say that they’re my favourite iem that I own. I will let them “burn in” for about 10-12 more hours and then have a listen again. I am sure it’ll be even better after a proper burn in, or perhaps it’ll be brain burn in, lol.

Nonetheless, this is in my opinion an excellent iem that was worth the money spent.

Conroy Scott


Hi & welcome to the HiFi Guides Forum.
I hope you don’t mind I moved your post here, the dedicated thread for the Z12.
Looks like so far you are enjoying the Z12 - that is awesome!!


My review.

For reference I also have OH10, Campfire Audio GLO-RION, Moondrop Aria, Kato, Quark, some others and some over heads. Tested on a Khadas Tea, Qudelix and RME ADI 2 using the stock foam tips (medium).

Comfort is good, theyre light and fit easily and well. Nothing niggling and I can wear for long periods.

Build is excellent on initial feel. Fit and finish is really good. The cable is very nice with nicley finished connectors.

Sound wise they’re fast as with all planars so good detail, tuning is U shaped but they need some power and they’re not exactly wide soundscape.

A good daily driver for sure for the ££


I was planning to buy S12 before, because I wanted to try this planar thing, but I saw at Hifigo there will be Z12 release. So at the release day I bought the Z12.
Build and comfort:
The build quality is great, the comfort is super. Light, small and looks awesome :smiley: The cable is the best stock cable so far I saw. I use custom cables with my other IEMs, because the stock cables are usually terrible for me.
I was afraid looking at the graph. I’m sensitive to the upper region and Z12 has more than any of my IEMs, but it was a big surprise, that I it isn’t too much for me :open_mouth: I don’t recognise metallic sound or any harshness. For example the Fiio FHE eclipse feels like a sharp knife in my ears…
I’m a basshead. I knew that Z12 has bass but not basshead level and that is true, but in my opinion it has decent bass. In some cases it was a surprise for me when it produced sub bass drops so strong like my Campfire Audio Vega 2020, but overall of course Z12 has less bass.
Ohh and one thing to mention. Z12 needs power. I had to raise the volume slider >twice as much as with my other IEMs.
Overall I’m very happy with the Z12 :smiley:


Since they appear to be sold out, if anyone receives these and doesn’t like them, send me a dm and I’ll buy them off of you